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Adapters for Original Retro Controllers to PC

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N64 Adapter | Controller to PC USB Converter | 2 Ports
Connect your Nintendo 64™ joypads to your PC USB port. All buttons are supported, perfect for any emulation program but also works with any modern PC game. It allows you to play all PC games designed to be played with joysticks. Really plug and play, it mak.. See Full Details
Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum Bluetooth Keyboard Controller
Relive the golden days of computing with the ZX Spectrum Recreated from Elite, a classic remade to such a standard that it’s rubber keys are bound to bring back treasured memories to Speccy owners of old. Download the free App (iOS and Android) to your devi.. See Full Details
SNES to PC USB Controller Adapter | Tomee
The Tomee SNES to PC Controller Adapter adds a SNES port to your PC, allowing you to connect any SNES controller to your computer to play your favourite games. Compatible with all SNES Controllers 1'5" in length 7-pin SNES controller slo.. See Full Details
Atari Controller to PC USB Adapter - Dual Port
Controller Adapter USB Cable for Atari Controllers Use your official or after-market Atari controllers on your PC USB cable length: 3.5 feet .. See Full Details