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Nintendo 64

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N64 - Controller - Wired - USB Controller for PC & Mac (Black)
Overview Relive the N64 days through the USB enabled Classic Controller! Modeled after the original design, the controller features 10 function buttons (including Left and Right shoulder functions and Z-trigger). Get precise action commands with the .. See Full Details
N64 Adapter | Controller to PC USB Converter | 2 Ports
Connect your Nintendo 64™ joypads to your PC USB port. All buttons are supported, perfect for any emulation program but also works with any modern PC game. It allows you to play all PC games designed to be played with joysticks. Really plug and play, it mak.. See Full Details
PC/ Mac Tomee N64 USB "Moonlight" Controller
N64 USB Controller is ideal for playing classic arcade and puzzle games on your PC and MAC with ease.   Featuring an unbreakable metal analog stick, two shoulder buttons, digital directional pad and eight buttons plus turbo, the N64 USB Controlle.. See Full Details