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Our handheld retro games consoles range from Android gaming tablets to dedicated replica consoles to play your original retro gaming cartridges on! The range includes JXD, GPD, BlazeTab, Supaboy, FC Mobile, RDP, Retrospex 32 and more! All of these consoles ship with no built-in games.

How do I play games on them?


For the Android consoles, they ship with a dedicated application to download games called "Happy Chick" or you can use your own game files.

For all the other consoles, they have slots to play your original cartridges.


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RDP - Portable Handheld Console V2.0 CORE Edition - Black
Have the desire to play your original NES® & SNES® game cartridges while ON THE GO?! The RetroDuo® Portable handheld by Retrobit® allows you to play your 16-bit, 8-bit and even the original *Genesis® cartridges on the road! With up to eight hours of.. See Full Details
Atari Flashback Ultimate Portable Retro Gaming Handheld with 60 built-in Atari Games
Overview The Classic is Back in PORTABLE form! - this time with even more hit games and a sleek handheld! Atari Flashback Portable is the return of the ever popular Atari games inside a slick and compact retro games handheld. It features 60 Atari retro .. See Full Details
BLAZE TAB Plus Android Retro Gaming Tablet (JXD S7800b Sucessor)
Why We LOVE The BLAZE®TAB Plus! "The original BlazeTab was one of our top selling lines ever (and rightly so at under £100!) and the new improved model is a direct replacement for the original console and features improved hardware while keeping the sam.. See Full Details
GPD WIN (Handheld PC Laptop)
Overview: The GPD WIN is a compact laptop PC with true gaming controls. Featuring a 5.5" HD screen, full Windows 10 operating system, 64GB internal memory, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Quad Core Intel processor and more it is capable of running Steam games on the go! .. See Full Details
GPD XD Retro Gaming Gamepad (32GB and 64GB)
Why We LOVE The GPD XD! "The thing that is instantly apparent on this device is the screen. It is phenomenal! The screens on our other devices are really good, but this is on another level and you can instantly see where that extra money goes. .. See Full Details
Haynes Retro Arcade Game Kit
The Retro Arcade Game Kit has everything you need to build your very own Pong machine.   Part retro arcade classic, part Raspberry Pi, this collection of bits is your very own Pong game maker kit. Follow the instructions to build a classic cons.. See Full Details
Retrospex 32 - Handheld 32 bit Console
Bring back retro 32-bit gaming with the Retrospex® 32 handheld gaming system. Gaming doesn't need to be expensive to ge good!   Features Plays Game Boy® Advance games (via SD card slot - original ROM file required)) Comes with 4 p.. See Full Details
£59.99 £29.99
SEGA Master System / Game Gear Handheld Console - Arcade Gamer Portable
  SEGA Master System / Game Gear Handheld Retro Video Games Console - Arcade Gamer Portable Nintendo Life SEGA Nerds Retro Gamer Stuff “If you're looking to educate a younger.. See Full Details
£39.99 £29.99
SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Ultimate Retro Games Handheld - 25th Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary Ed
Overview This brand new SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis Ultimate Retro Gaming Handheld (25th Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary Edition) is a perfect and compact retro games console video game player. Loaded with a whopping 80 SEGA and SEGA Mega Drive games.. See Full Details
Supaboy S (PAL + NTSC)
Overview: Hyperkin relentlessly pursues entertainment perfection, now turning their own personal rockstar, the SupaBoy, into a headlining act - a virtuoso. The original SupaBoy took leaps in putting the magic and impact of a classic home console in.. See Full Details