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Check out our range of controllers including the NES wired classic controller,Gamecube wired USB controller, Joe and Mac collection and much more! 

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Jacelo Brawlers Pack by Retro-Bit
Test your might with the new Jaleco Brawler’s Pack, featuring 4 side scrolling beat em ups on one cartridge. Published by Retro-Bit® and compatible with all original or 3rd party SNES® consoles. Are you up to the challenge? With Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers, The Peace Keepers and Tuff E Nuff all included!   ... See Full Details
Joe & Mac: Ultimate Caveman Collection by Retro-bit
All 3 smash hits in 1 compilation for the first time! Includes all 3 Super Nintendo® / Super Famicom Joe & Mac games - Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, Congo’s Caper™ (Joe & Mac Sequel) and Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics. Joe & Mac will bring you back in time! Relive the adventure as you travel every nostalgic level and battle enemies along the path.   ... See Full Details
N64 Wired Controller (Grey)
Relieve the classic N64 experience with this controller! Get precise action commands, enjoy the classic game feel and begin to play the traditional way! Get ready and re-experience a classic gaming era! ... See Full Details
N64 Wired USB Controller for PC & Mac (Grey) by Retro-Bit
Relieve the classic N64 (Nintendo 64) experience with this controller! Get precise action commands, enjoy the classic game feel and prepare to play the traditional way! Get ready and re-experience a classic gaming era!   ... See Full Details
N64 Wired USB Controller for PC & Mac by Retro-bit (Black)
Relive the N64 days through the USB enabled Classic Controller by Retro-bit. Modeled after the original design, the controller features 10 function buttons (including Left and Right shoulder functions and Z-trigger). Get precise action commands with the analog control stick, while enjoying the classic game feel with the legendary D-Pad. Plug the Retro-bit Classic Controller into any PC or Mac via the USB port and begin to play the traditional way! ... See Full Details
NES Wired Classic Controller by Retro-bit
The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Classic Edition wired controller has a 1.8 metre cable, perfect for sitting on the sofa in comfort whilst playing old school Mario! ... See Full Details
NES Wired Classic USB Controller for PC & Mac by Retro-bit
This NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) controller features USB controller connector suitable for PC and Mac, an eight-way directional pad, and four digital buttons.   ... See Full Details
Nintendo GameCube Wired Controller by Retro-bit (Purple)
This Nintendo GameCube controller by Retro-bit provides an authentic gaming experience on your Nintendo GameCube or Nintendo Wii system. The GameCube controller includes two analog control sticks, a built-in rumble feature, and flawless ergonomic design to ensure that the controller feels and plays perfectly. ... See Full Details
Nintendo GameCube Wired USB Controller by Retro-bit
Always dreamt of using your Nintendo GameCube controller with your favourite PC game? Now you can! Retrofitted by Retro-bit, this Retrolink USB controller plugs into any PC or Mac with a USB port, giving you that classic GameCube feel.  ... See Full Details
RES Plus Console by Retro-bit (PAL)
The RES Plus by Retro-bit is the premium top loading console for all your favorite 8-bit games. Accompanied with two classic pro controllers compatible with Retro-Bit and NES consoles for next level precision. Now with AV and HDMI compatibility, you can experience your favourite Nintendo Entertainment System games like never before, in crisp 720p resolution!   ... See Full Details
SEGA Mega Drive Wired Controller by Retro-bit
Replace those old or broken SEGA Genesis controllers and get your retro gaming back on! ... See Full Details
SNES Wired Controller Super Famicom Style by Retro-bit
This SNES retro controller works seamlessly with your Super Nintendo or Super Famicom for hours of old-school fun! You can also plug it into your Retro-Duo system to enjoy your SNES and classic 8-bit NES games! Features all 6 controller buttons including L and R shoulder buttons. Use it to play all of your favourite classics, and the SNES and RetroDuo system. ... See Full Details
SNES Wired USB Controller Super Famicom Style for PC and Mac
This SNES USB Famicom Colored Classic Super Style Controller for PC/MAC allows you to play your computer games with an old-school / Retro-feel. It's that simple. Just Plug n' Play! ... See Full Details
Super Retro Trio Plus PAL (Royal Blue) by Retro-bit
Play classic NES, SNES and Mega Drive game cartridges like never before... through HDMI! The SR3 Plus is a sleek and modern 3 - in - 1 home entertainment system that allows for less clutter and more gaming. Equipped with 3 cartridge slots and 6 controller ports compatible with original or third-party controllers. Included in the console you get 2 controllers an HDMI cable, and a 2-prong EU AC adapter. The SR3 Plus gives retro gaming a new look! ... See Full Details