10 Retro Games That Should NOT Get A TV Show

This year we’ve seen a few TV shows based on classic games, like Castlevania for example. That was done so well, serving as a prime example of how to do a TV show based on a video game. However not all game is equal, some titles while great to play, may not fit too well in an episodic format.

A good example is the recently announced Galaga TV show. It’s a bit of a head scratcher, how can you be expected to make a show from that? Okay well, asterisk there. A GOOD show?  It’ll be tough. There aren’t exactly a plethora of characters to look back on when it comes to Galaga. Just some spaceships and aliens with no real character! The same thing that happened with that god awful Battleship film.

So with that thought in mind, we decided to look at a few games that while we love them to bits, there is no way you could make a meaningful show out of it that’ll use the source material in a way that is recognizable and not completely different. This is 10 Retro Games That Should NOT Get A TV Show!

10. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is great. Fun little light gun game that while frustrating at a point, iconic enough to stick around for years to come! The titular duo was even featured in the latest Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and 3DS. A TV show though? Well, that would prove to be a bit tough. You’d never get a show about the true nature of the game, because once you finish hunting the ducks… well, Duck Hunt is pretty much over!

9. Sim City

Think about how you’d make this show work! Jim Cityington has to make some buildings! BUT OH NO! The evil planning permissions are getting in the way! Someone does not want that building made! Or his other buildings! It’s just a bit…. well, it wouldn’t work out very well. You’d never be able to make an engaging show that uses the name Sim City and encompasses the same feeling. You’d need to be able to look at it go “Ah, that’s a Sim City show.” not “What is this?” Sim City just wouldn’t work at all.

8. Outrun

Outrun is a great game, but a show about a bloke and his missus doing some races would be…. not very good television. You could argue that you make some sort of Fast and the Furious type of show and it’ll be great, but no. They tried a similar thing with Need for Speed. The movie was…. well, it had cars! Crashes and cars! That’s Need for Speed, right? Yes. But it’s not very entertaining to watch as there is no character! The same fate would fall upon Outrun for sure.

7. Space Invaders

Could you imagine trying to make Space Invaders into a show? Where would you focus on? The aliens? The humans? What would be the tone? The biggest issue though is nobody will ever see it as a Space Invaders show. You could make some fantastic space opera or human survival and hope for the best, but it still wouldn’t be Space Invaders the game. It would be about Invaders from Space and nothing more. No amount of references or throwbacks would serve to leave people feeling that ‘classic’ Space Invaders feeling.

6. Frogger

Frogger could get made, but the issue is longevity here. Sure a show about a little frog that dodges traffic to get home to his pond would be fun to watch, but not as a TV show. He’d have to be crossing a pretty long road for that to work. Let’s face it as well, nobody wants to see the massive backstory behind Frogger, so padding it out with bits of characterization would just be odd as nobody would take to it in the end. Frogger would fall flat on his face.

5. Bowling

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Not happening.

4. Jet Pac

Could you imagine JetPac? No no, imagine the pitch for it. The board meetings would be fantastic. “So he is an astronaut with a Jetpack.” “Right.” “That’s it.” You’d get nowhere! Jetpac is part of a formula that makes old school WWF wrestlers hard to identify with. Back in the early 90s, they had guys dressed as just jobs. Mimes, Dentists, all sorts. Classic games of the era were the same, how do you take such a blunt concept and turn it into a show? Protip: You probably shouldn’t.

3. Breakout

These last three will be the ultimate “You can’t turn that into a TV show!” games. Breakout is just what it is, break away the tiles and win the game. Get a high score and that is it. You can’t throw in a Mrs Breakout or Breakout Jr into the mix. Nothing to characterise either, just… some pixels and fun gameplay. You could make a show about someone playing Breakout, but even then that isn’t very exciting is it? The new eSport: Ultimate Breakout. Yeah, don’t think so.

2. Tetris

We support this one. Yeah, we’re changing the list. This one could work REALLY well. You could have a bunch of different blocks with unique names and personality. The ‘cool’ Tetris block, the ‘Shy’ one, all sorts! It could a show rich with melodrama. Soap Opera Tetris! Maybe the orange block could be cheating on the red one! THE SHOCK! THE TERROR! THE EXCITEMENT! …Yeah, no way a Tetris TV show could work.

1. Pong

Pong is a juggernaut in the world of gaming. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic names in the industry. In the entertainment industry? Well, it’d struggle to have any feet to stand on. It’s such a silly idea to think about. How would you turn Pong into a hit TV series? Or at the very least a passable show? It’s a tough task. One of the most worldwide known games of all time, Pong would simply fail as a TV show. Why? Come on. It’s PONG. Just no.

That was our list! In a world where likes the Emoji movie has been made, it’s hard to believe any of these games could get greenlit for a show! But stranger things have happened, what game would you put on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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