3 Underrated Games You Should Pick Up Again!

We all have those games we think deserve far more attention than they get. The classics that that are often forgotten in place of more popular games or franchises. It’s a disheartening thing when you have a game you love to bits, and yet the masses don’t seem to agree with you.

I mean, Superman 64 isn’t THAT bad is it? Okay, yeah it is! But someone likely holds it special. Everyone has their gems they consider to be an underrated masterpiece just waiting to be realised by the common world.

So today, we’ll be breaking down 3 of our personal favourite gems that people have looked past. They aren’t in any particular order or any specific system. Just 3 games that deserve a bit of a dust off and play through this year.

Sit back and relax as we look at 3 Underrated Games You Should Pick Up To Again!

[3] Snowboard Kids

Everyone is quick to talk about classic N64 games like ‘Ocarina of Time’ and ‘Super Mario 64’ when talking about the greats that the N64 had to offer. But one title we find people seem to forget is in the N64 Libary is one of the more eccentric and enjoyable racing games ever made. The characters look like they came straight out of a French comic strip and might turn people away at first, but trust us when we say that you should give Snowboard Kids a fair shake.

It’s full of this undeniable charm thanks to those characters. From a Penguin mentor to the loveable big guy, it’s got a loveable cast. Think the first time you saw the Diddy Kong Racing select screen and even though you didn’t know the characters off the bat, something drew you to them and after a few playthroughs, you knew them by name! Snowboard Kids is the same.

It’s pretty much Mario Kart in the snow, pitting you against your friends as you race to the finish line through fun levels that might see you shrunk down to a tiny size, or taken through a haunted house! Using pans to flatten your friends, or turn them into hulking Snowmen that couldn’t turn their boards. It was a fun alternative to Nintendo’s big party racer that would get your friends eyebrows raised.

So next time you have a Retro Games night with your mates, make sure to introduce them to Snowboard Kids and let the good times roll!

[2] The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings is a game that has been on pretty much every system at this point. Starting as a SNES title and ending up all over the place, Amiga, DOS, Genesis, and more. Even getting a re-release for the Gameboy Advance! But it’s still surprising how many people have not played the little puzzle platformer that could! Moreso we mention that The Lost Vikings is our favourite Blizzard game! It often leaves people scratching their heads and trying to think back on the classic titles that Blizzard released.

Granted back in the day they weren’t called Blizzard. Instead, they were known as Silicon & Synapse, a small studio that was just getting started by making games for Nintendo consoles like the Super Nintendo.  The plot was as 90s as you could get, and it was AWESOME. You had a trio of Vikings who got abducted by Aliens and you were tasked with helping them battle their way to safety from the alien spaceship they were trapped on! Hence the ‘Lost’ in the Lost Vikings.

Notice how we said puzzle platformer though? The game is more of a Trine sort of experience or even The Humans for the Amiga. You switch between each Viking and use their respective powers to clear paths that only a particular one can. The Vikings are also really likeable and fun to play as, which is important as you’ll be spending the entire game with them! It’s a fairly non-difficult romp that Blizzard ended up making, but it has a ton of heart and is a game that everyone should play at least one.

So what are you waiting for? Some Vikings are lost in space, are you a bad enough dude to rescue them?

[1] Pulseman

Much like Blizzard had a history before the likes of World of Warcraft. Pokemon Developer  Game Freak did a few other things before undertaking the massive pocket monsters that swept the world. They, well, made games of course! From games for the Mega Drive to PC Engine. The company that is now one of Nintendos biggest players were pretty much your average Japanese Development studio.  Pulseman is about as underrated as you can get on this list considering it has a few obscure traits that ensure you’ve more than likely never played it.

It was a Japanese exclusive in cartridge form, and only saw international release in North America via the SEGA Channel. SEGA’s attempt at an internet based Game streaming service, think Retro Netflix for SEGA fans. Beyond that, for years the game new saw a release outside of glorious Nippon! That is until it got a release on the Virtual Console for the Wii worldwide. But what is Pulseman? What sort of game is it? The guys behind Pokemon made it, so it about capturing pulse monsters and battling people? No no. Better than that.

Pulseman is an amazing action platformer with a plethora of character to it. It’s a bit like Ristar in a way. It’s a flashy game with big sprites, long levels, and some pretty awesome music. The plot isn’t all that important, but it is a bit strange. Things about artificial intelligence and a doctor merging his DNA with cyberspace… it’s a bit more adult than you might expect from a game with the cartoony hero that is Pulseman. But thankfully the plot does not take a front seat to the game. What you do get a thumb twitching platformer with creative gameplay mechanics that’ll leave you experimenting with movement through each level.

But don’t just take our word for it! Grab your Wii or GPD XD and start playing Pulseman today! You won’t regret it.

That’s our list! What underrated gems do you love the most? Which games do you think should have made this list? Let us know!

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