3D NES Emulator Released Online in Beta Format

A new 3D NES Emulator has been released online in beta format and unlike other NES emulators that are already available it can play any NES game in 3D.

It’s called 3DNES and, for the time being at least, it is only available accessible through this website. The concept of this emulator is to allow Nintendo fans the ability to play their favourite NES games in 3D, just like those 3D Classics released onto the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s an interesting project; but its one that works quite effectively, as illustrated in the screenshot of Mega-Man below.

3D NES Emulator Mega Man Screenshot

So how exactly does this emulator work? well as opposed to traditional emulators this 3DNES service uses the Unity Engine, a development tool used by developers to create games, and it upscales the game to 3D in real-time while playing.

How to Play:

– Visit the website
– Host your rom on cloud – Dropbox recommended
– Paste url to RomUrl field
– Press the Load Button once
– Wait for “rom loading” then click to the game canvas to Play
– The Graphic default value is Low for safe reason. Change it to High.


– Use Firefox
– If browser show a busy warning dialogue, just press Continue

For the time being the 3DNES Emulator is only available online through a compatible web-browser; however in time an offline app will be released to the public.

You can play NES roms on the BLAZE TAB, JXD and GPD XD; all of which are available to order from www.funstockretro.co.uk.