5 Video Game Characters Who Have No Idea What The M on Mario’s Hat Means

The hat that Mario wears is iconic. It stands atop the same pedestal as the McDonalds logo and Micky Mouse’s ears. Nintendo built their foundation on this Italian Plumber and he is maintaining the pipework of the frame they built just fine.

But that does not mean his reach is absolute! Across the land there are individuals unaware about the charm that Mario has and his adventures around the Mushroom Kingdom.

This is a list of some of the enigmatic individuals that don’t have Mario fever in their minds.


Epona – Legend Of Zelda

I doubt this legendary horse would have any capacity of knowledge on what the M in Mario’s hat stands for. Heck, I doubt Epona understands the concept of what an Italian even is. (No fault to her – Some humans struggle with the concept as well.) While Epona is a mighty steed that is very dependable, you would never be able to depend on Epona to recognise the symbolism behind the letter M.

Or any letter for that matter.


Pepsiman – Pepsiman

Pepsiman has no f*cking eyes. He has no vision whatsoever. Understanding what the M on Mario’s hat means would be pretty difficult for him given this lack of eyesight. But there is a deeper issue.

Despite the whole ‘no eyeballs’ thing Pepsiman has going on. He’s an absolute machine. Running through obstacle after obstacle in the quest to give the joy of a can of Pepsi to the masses without being able to see those masses. He’s fueled by his passion for Pepsi and to help those discover the greatness of that wonderful soft drink.

So even if Pepsiman could see, I doubt he’d care in the first place. Because the M has nothing to do with the glorious joy of Pepsi.


Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

A similar character in the vain of Pepsiman. The real issue with Pyramid Head is his passion. The passion for killing. He’s a destructive force and pretty much driven by the desire to make and destroy everything around him. To his credit, he does it quite well! However, it’s this pathological love for death that nails down the coffin on his inability to understand what the M on Mario’s hat means.

More than likely – he’d think the M stands for ‘Murder’.


Tetris Block – Tetris

The ever so loveable Tetris block is made for falling and fitting in tight spaces between it’s blocky brethren. To create and belong in shapes that can then fall apart to earn points. It’s an icon in the gaming scene. Everyone knows the fantastic Tetris jingle and more than likely has a device that has some form of Tetris built in. However, this popular gaming icon falls short a bit in this specific area of expertise.

Because it’s an inanimate object with no concept of the things around it and could never possibly understand what the M in Marios hat means.


Baby Mario – Yoshi’s Island

Topping this list off is the man himself. The man whose name is represented in that iconic M. Sorry, did I say man? Baby rather. Baby Mario is a baby. An infant. A still developing human thrust into an unfortunate world of chaos and madness filled with giant plants, green dinosaurs and more! So at that age, you could never expect that baby to know what it’s wearing! Given the amount of crying Baby Mario does, I’m not sure he even knows what’s going on.

Sorry Baby Mario, not even you know what your own hat represents. For shame.

Here we go!

That’s our list! What did you think? Do you know any other characters who would have zero clue what the M on Mario’s hat stands for? Let us know! 


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