6 Characters We Want To See In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite!

The Marvel VS Capcom series is one of the best fighting games of all time. Simple matter of fact right there. Marvel VS Capcom easily holds a special place in all of our hearts for the insane roster we got full of well known and unknown characters from both companies! I mean, I had no idea who Blackheart or Jin Saotome were before playing Marvel VS Capcom 2. 

The high-energy gameplay brought about a feeling unlike any I’ve experienced when playing a fighting game, both in a living room or a bigger stage such as EVO. Marvel is chaotic, that is the best way to describe it. Despite how broken Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is at its core, people make it work, and work damn well. It’s a game that if you immerse yourself in it properly with a group of friends who know to keep things hyped and excited, you’ll never want to play a fighting game without that intense level of hype.

With Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite right around the corner, I wanted to put out a list of characters that we want to see in the latest release. Six characters, three representing Marvel, and three representing Capcom. Some are standard fair, while some might not be characters some of you thought of right away. Regardless, Marvel vs. Capcom is making a comeback this September and with only a few months left until all the reveals are done, and the game is in our hands, let’s jump into a list that’ll leave you wondering…

Could not resist, sorry.

Batsu Ichimonji from Rival Schools

Never played Rival Schools? Never heard of Project Justice? Never even played Tatsunoko VS Capcom? Well, it’s time to step up your fighting game pedigree a bit. Rival Schools is a 3D Fighting Game series heralded as a cult classic, mostly due to its large personality alone. You’ve got a Japanese school dynamic where everyone and their mother is some master of kicking your butt, from nurses to biker girls. And it is AWESOME.

Batsu is the main character in the series, a hot-headed but earnest guy who values friendship and justice over all. He’ll kick the ass of anyone in his way, but make sure to protect the little guy when he has to. Heck, all of his abilities have something to do with Guts or Burning Passion. Guts Bullet, Guts Upper, Burning Elbow, the list goes on. He’s the textbook loud mouthed school kid that takes no BS and has a pretty neat set of moves to back up his brash personality.

No stranger to the VS. series with his appearance in Tatsunoko VS Capcom, this is one Capcom representative that deserves to make another splash onto the scene.

Edward Falcon from Power Stone

Edward Falcon has been requested countless times to be featured in Marvel Vs. Capcom for the last few years. Heck, at this point we’d appreciate ANYONE from Power Stone. It’s a highly under appreciated little gem of a fighting game that not enough people are aware of. It’s a shame as the game is a blast with a group of friends, and not in a Mario Kart rage-inducing way either. It’s proper fun that’ll leave you wanting to play again and again.

Edward has already been in a fighter anyway. So he’s got a full set of moves to take from, and he could even use the Power Stones to transform into his alternate form which is all kinds of awesome. I mean the theme of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite this time is the Infinity Stones! COME ON! Power Stone! Infinity Stone! Capcom would have to be crazy not to include the piloting boxer in it’s latest incarnation of Marvel Vs Capcom!

So stop playing around with our hearts Capcom, and put the 21-year-old kid from ‘Londo‘ in the ring already.

Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil

All respect to Chris and everything, but we all know who the Resident Evil representative of Marvel Vs Capcom really should be. Okay maybe that wasn’t as respectful as it should be, but who cares. Leon, for many of us, is Resident Evil. He’s part of what is heralded as the best entry in the entire series, and rightfully so. But the likes of Jill, Chris, Wesker, and even Nemesis have joined the roster of Marvel Vs. Capcom before him! At this rate, Ashley will be the next Resident Evil character to join the roster! (With Leon serving in an assist animation or something for added salt to the wound.)

Leon has gone from Police Officer to the Presidents Personal Security. Showcasing his skills with job title alone. A skilled marksman and expert in hand to hand combat, especially with a knife. Leon could be a quicker version of Chris in terms of gameplay. His inclusion would simply be a level of love that Capcom seems hesitant on deploying for some reason. Granted their treatment of Megaman all but confirms they have some strange thoughts when it comes to fan satisfaction.

We’re all waiting for you Leon. Not just Ashley. So make your glorious debut already!

T’Challa The Black Panther

We now move onto the Marvel universe. An extensive place with too many heroes to pull from in some respects. Everyone has their favourites, so it’ll always be quite hard to please everyone when it comes to the Marvel roster. (I mean, my favourite X-Man is Darwin for crying out loud. Doubt he’ll feature in the game!) But I’ll do my best to keep to the theme they are having, which seems to be following the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From that universe, it’d be a crime not to have T’Challa appear as a fighter.

Introduced during the Winter Soldier film, T’Challa is a fantastic fighter. Agile and strong, he could easily be one of the more versatile fighters of the roster with a plethora of abilities. He’d also be good to introduce the world to his moveset a bit more than the movie did! It’d be fun to see him brought to life in full gaming glory. Seeing him jump into frame only to land silently thanks to the Vibranium suit that he wears would make my little geek heart just gush.

It’s about time that the Black Panther enters the fight and shows everyone the power of Wakanda!

Bucky The Winter Soldier

So in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, we saw the inclusion of Nathan Spencer, the Bionic Commando. While a decent enough inclusion, he really felt like a discount version of Bucky with a grappling hook. Bucky would have been a far better fit in the role that Spencer was. Sorry, Spencer fans but it’s the truth! Spencer had his turn, time for the real star with a metal arm to make his stand on the grand stage that is Marvel Vs Capcom.

Bucky would obviously be less mobile than Spencer, but he could bring a much harder edge to his playstyle. Uprooting rocks from the ground or landing punches that you could feel the impact from the animations alone, and even be a bit of a Chris hybrid that uses guns and more as his arsenal. Also, the dialogue he could share with some of the roster would make his inclusion quite worthy, mostly if to have Rocket Racoon make some sort of snarky comment towards Bucky’s arm.

It’s about time we get a chance to play as Captian America’s right-hand man, The Winter Solider!

Gwen Stacy The Spider-Gwen

I said I’d do my best to keep the Marvel Cinematic universe, but I didn’t promise to 100 percent keep to it. I could list a plethora of people I want to be featured on the Marvel roster, but I’m going to settle on a somewhat feasible but still slightly outlandish suggestion. Spiderman has been in every release of Marvel Vs Capcom thus far, but with all of the great versions of Spiderman out there from Miles Morales to Spiderman 2099, it’s about time we have some other members of the Spider Family to represent the webhead! I mean, Marvel 3 had She-Hulk after all.

Gwen sports a design that gives Ben Reilly a run for his money when it comes to being awesome and would just be a really fun version of the webhead to play as. She’s practically the same as the Spiderman we all know and love in terms of abilities, if not somewhat lacking in practical martial arts ability, as Gwen as learned how to fight from Kung Fu movies. But her personality alone would carry her as a roster member and lead to some fun quips and introduce her to a new audience. Not to mention we’ve not really had a female face of the Spiderman family represented in video game form outside of mobile games and Lego games. We’re long overdue for it!

Tons of Spider Family members out there, but it would be an absolute treat to have Spider-Gwen swing into the fight!

That was our list! Who would you want to feature on the upcoming release of Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite! Don’t be why in describing who and why! Be as obscure or as mainstream as you’d like, we’d love to hear from you!

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