6 Things Sonic Fans Are Sick Of Hearing

Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the most iconic Video Game characters of all time. His fanbase is still growing strong to this day, from high-quality fan art and tolerant debates on the current state of his games.

Despite their high brow nature, the Sonic fanbase can get a pretty high level of disrespect and quite often hear the same comments time and time again.

So this is a simple list of 6 Things Sonic Fans Are Sick Of Hearing!

1. “Wow, you like Sonic?!”

2. “No seriously, why would you even like Sonic?!”

3. “I don’t understand it. He’s just so lame! I mean he stopped being cool like fifteetn years ago…”

4. “Seriously. It just makes no sense. I don’t care if it’s 3AM, why do you like Sonic so much?”

5. “Look, I’m sorry I broke into your house. I just can’t understand why you could like Sonic!”

6. “Okay. I admit. Smashing all of the windows in your house and replacing them with cardboard box pieces that say ‘Sonic Sux’ was a bit juvenile.  I also apologise for sending you 250 A4 pieces of paper in a massive box that just say ‘Sonic will never be cool’ I just really can’t understand why you like Sonic. I mean, I’m using my prision call to ask this! The least you could do is respo-“

Gosh! I just HATE hearing that stuff all the time. What about you fellow Sonic fans?

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