90’s Super Famicom Video Discovered!

Not a lot of people are aware of how the marketing content for video games in Japan looked in the 90’s. We’ve seen various bits and pieces, one of the more noteable examples being Segata Sanshiro, the Sega Saturn mascot who went around beating up people who didn’t own a Sega Saturn. Recently a video was released showing the marketing side of Nintendo’s business, which is an hour long promo video dedicated to the Super Famicom. It’s a pretty interesting look into the hardware that showcases some noteable Nintendo developers!

Titled “SUPER FAMICOM PERFECT VIDEO”, the video was originally  sent out to outlets to promote the upcoming Super Famicom release for the Japanese market. There aren’t any subtitles on the video just yet, but it’s very interesting to see how the video is layered out and shown to the masses. It’s actually shocking how young Masahiro Sakurai, the mastermind be looks in the video, given the time frame of the video! The game runs through some classics, such as Super Mario Land, F-Zero, and Kamen Rider.

What do you guys think of the footage shown? What was your favourite Super Famicom game?


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