Amazon UK Limits SNES Mini Orders To One Per Person

Progress is being made

We all know the frustration the world expressed during the NES Mini launch. Some of us experienced it ourselves, whereas some of us saw it secondhand through the internet or friends. People buying the mini console in bulk to sell online at extortionate prices. A genuine concern for many of us when it comes to the SNES Mini launch, especially since the console has sold out just about everywhere.

Amazon UK seems to be taking some action to prevent this reselling epidemic. Or is it Nintendo? No word has been given just yet, but as it stands. Anyone who has attempted to purchase a large lot of SNES Mini units has received the following email.

Is this the first update from a major retailer that will spill out to other retailers? Or is it just Amazon UK? No word has been made, but much like when the NES Mini was discontinued, we may see the changes roll out in a series of days.

It’s a refreshing change of pace that seems to signal a ray of home for the SNES Mini hopeful. Nintendo went on record to say that they’d be making more SNES Mini units to meet the exceptional demand this time around, and with this level of control in place, we might just see a good launch where people can get their hands on enough stock. They just need to implement this change into all retailers.

What do you think about this change? Do you think that this stance on SNES Mini orders will help stop Scalpers in their tracks? Or will they just use a different method? 

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