Amiga Commpendium Demolishes Kickstarter Goal In First Day

Great news – Bitmap Books’ Kickstarter campaign for their Amiga Commpendium went well beyond it’s £25, 000 goal just hours after going live.

In accordance with the stretch goals, the current £35k raised will allow Bitmap Books to include an additional 64 pages in the Commpendium. Should the campaign raise another £5k in the next 28 days, they’ll also interview five leading Amiga artists for inclusion in the book.

Here’s what The Observer recently had to say about the Commodore 64 Commpendium:

In 1982 the Commodore home computer began an extraordinary journey that would ultimately see it ship 30 million units. It courted a substantial reputation as a gaming machine and today continues to enjoy newly crafted titles. The C64 is a titan of the period and in the history of gaming and it is rightly famed for its vast software library and elegantly blocky visual output.

Commodore 64: A Visual Compendium (published by Bitmap Books, £24.99) provides a sumptuously produced homage to that style, presented over hundreds of pages of crisp pixel art from the computer’s most famous releases.”

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