Arcade Attack Podcast – An Interview With – Funstock

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

Keith: Err I’m Keith, a thirty-something, socially awkward South Londoner who’s been in love with video games for most of those thirty-something years. I edit our podcasts and write reviews for the website.  As well as being a retro and modern gaming nut, I also ride motorcycles, collect vinyl and am a big football and NFL fan.

Dylan: Tell us a bit about yourself – I’m Dylan and I’m the editor of Arcade Attack. I came up with the idea when my mum “accidentally” threw loads of my treasured gaming mags in the recycling, thus me wanting to recreate all of the reviews and features myself. It did not go well. That is until my good high school chums Adrian, Keith and Rob decided to help me on my journey and create what AA is today.

Adrian: My name is Adrian and I help write articles for Arcade Attack. I mainly take charge of the interviews and have been lucky enough to interview gaming legends such as Dave and David Perry, David Crane, Dave Grossman, Jeff Minter and many more!

2. What was your first gaming memory?

Keith: The sights and sounds of loading a ZX Spectrum cassette.

Dylan: My cousins had a really bad Pong clone that took us about an hour to get working, but when it did, oh my. I knew that I had to get a Sega Master System and the rest is history.

Adrian: Going to my uncle’s house and being blown away when he connected the newly purchased ZX Spectrum to his TV and playing a pirate game called Booty!

3. What are your all-time favourite games?

Keith: This is always such a hard question, there’s so many! It probably changes on a weekly basis… Today I’ll say Resident Evil Remake, Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid.

Dylan: For my “secret” Santa this year Keith got me a Flashback t-shirt, the man knows me too well! Me and Conrad Hart go way back too. Throw into the mix Streets of Rage 2 and EA Hockey and you’ve got yourselves a party. If you really want to make sure I behave myself alone in the house for a weekend, put on Final Fantasy VII and I’ll gladly complete it from the beginning.

Adrian: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Secret of Monkey Island, Another World, Sensible Soccer and have recently loved playing Zelda Breath of the Wild! Oh, and Rocket League is dangerously addictive!

4. What are your favourite elements of a game – what makes a game “great” for you? (story / action / puzzles?)

Keith: Another hard one. For me, the story and atmosphere created within a game can be the difference between a ‘good’ game and a ‘great’ one.  The music/soundtrack is also a huge thing for me as I spend a lot of time listening to video game music when I’m not playing.

Dylan: I’m not the brainiest of folk so have never been that partial to a puzzle, unless it’s of the Silent Hill/Resi ilk. Action and story all the way. Flashback and FFVII have amazing storylines and although they’re hardly original they most certainly had an impact on my brand of creativity.

Adrian: Story and playability for me. I love to get swept away in a game’s narrative and forget about real life for a few hours. Or, if I am playing a quick game of Sensi I need the gameplay to be top notch.

5. Do you have a prized gaming possession?

Keith: Easy, my copy of Power Drift for the Sega Saturn. It’s not one that will necessarily excite anyone else, but it’s a game that brings back really vivid memories from childhood family holidays, so I was really excited when I finally managed to import a copy from Japan. My collection of video game vinyl soundtracks is also one of my favourite parts of my collection.

Dylan: I still have my original Master System and thanks to Adrian, the first game I ever owned – Ghostbusters (the actual copy, that’s a story for another day)

Adrian: Yup, I am really proud to own Another World on the Atari Jaguar! A recent top quality conversion of this Delphine classic, where only 400 were ever made.

6. Do you have a games “collection”?

Keith: I do, but I’m limited for space so I have to be quite picky about what I add to the collection! At the moment I’ve got a Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS4 (and a healthy amount of games for each) as well as a Retropie system.  I just sold my Super Nintendo as it wasn’t getting used and I’m getting a SNES Classic for Christmas (I’ve been a good boy this year…)

Dylan: Yes, but it’s all over the place due to packing stuff away for incoming baby (the missus is due very soon!). I’ve every console since the Master System bar a
Game Gear and a PS3. I opted for a PS4 over an Xbox One.

Adrian: I have a growing Atari Jaguar collection – 40 games and counting (see above!). The Jag is easily my favourite console to collect for, there is something so unique about the power of the 64-bit beast that attracts me – plus the fact that there were hardly any games released for it, makes it a mission worth pursuing. I also have quite a few Mega Drive, Master System and Wii U games!

7. Do you go to many of the gaming events throughout the year?

Keith: Not as many as I should! I went to the London Gaming Market this year which was great, but the whole Arcade Attack gang have resolved to start getting to more events next year!

Dylan: Haven’t been to one since EGX 2016, although we are regulars at the London Gaming Market which we absolutely love but our bank balances do not.

Adrian: I must go to more events! I did really enjoy the London Gaming Market recently!

8. Favourite TV shows ever

Keith: Red Dwarf, Peep Show, South Park, The I.T. Crowd. Stranger Things has been great so far, and I used to love The Walking Dead but it might be on the verge of outstaying its welcome…

Dylan: Red Dwarf, Peep Show (not just because it’s set in our hometown Croydon), IT Crowd, GamesMaster, Crystal Maze

Adrian: Breaking Bad, Flight of the Conchords, The Office (UK version) and I have really enjoyed Detectorists recently.

9. Favourite Movies ever

Keith: Aliens, Drive, The Thing, Commando

Dylan: Home Alone, Anchorman, Commando, Total Recall, Rocky III

Adrian: All Rocky films (even V!), The Shawshank Redemption, Predator and The Man with Two Brains.

10. 3 items you would take with you on a desert island

Keith: A CRT television, a Sega Saturn and a copy of Daytona USA.

Dylan: My handheld Mega Drive, Mega Drive Everdrive (sorry sorry!) and my couch.

Adrian: A rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, a banana picker and a red herring!

And finally, do you have any messages you have for your fans / our readers?

Keith:  Errr I don’t think we have fans as such, but I’d sincerely like to thank anyone who’s ever listened to our podcast or read an article on our website, we do it because we love games and if even one person has enjoyed something we’ve put our free time into creating then that’s just bloody awesome!

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