Armiga Project Offers A Modern Twist On Amiga Gaming

Earlier this year, Elite Systems successfully achieved a Kickstarter goal to recreate the Sinclair ZX Spectrum as a Bluetooth keyboard that emulates games through a back-catalogue of downloadable apps. Now, we have discovered a group hoping to achieve something similar with the equally revered Commodore Amiga.

Called the Armiga Project, the aim of this particular crowd-funded campaign is to recreate the original Amiga 500 as a piece of modern technology: more compact, with HDMI AV output and a host of up-to-date features such as USB hosts for joystick, mouse and HDDs, an SD card slot and ethernet connection for easy ADF (Amiga Disk Format) management.


Built around a Dual Core ARM CPU, the base Armiga aims to emulate the original Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM as close as possible to the original, which functions together with a custom-made floppy controller. This key element of the machine means it is able to read Amiga disks, decode them and make them available for executing.

The Armiga also comes with Android 4.2.2 built-in for access to the internet and Android apps.

The base Armiga unit costs $139USD/€99EU/£85GBP, with more expensive options available for those who want even more features.

With PC/Mac Amiga 500 emulators already existing and the Armiga’s apparent ability to only play disks which are cracked or without any copy protection (at the moment) you would have to be a real enthusiast to invest in such a project but we’ve gotta admit that it does look pretty neat.

To find out more about the project, get more details on the technical specification and help it to reach it’s $140k goal, take a look at: