AtariBox – Atari Reveal Their Newest Console

Atari is back!

Atari has been quietly building to something. With the release of classic Atari games for the PS4 to the fantastic Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino, both of which you find by checking our Atari section by clicking here. They’ve been actively keeping their brand in our minds for sure, but the question for the longest time was why? Just to give us Retro Gamers something to enjoy and remember them by?

Nope. They’re back with a brand new console. You heard that right, Atari has revealed a new console in 2017.

The Atari Box is what they are calling it and it looks quite neat. The main thing is that we’ve only been given visual reveals and no real information on what games we will be able to play on their new consoles, at least not any concrete information. No no, instead they’ve opted to keep their cards close to their chest and just show off the unit for now.

Which you’ll be able to get two versions off, a red/black version, or a wood finish version like the 2600 of yesteryear. Both are nice references to Atari. They come sporting SD Card lot, four USB ports, what looks to be an ethernet port and headphone jack, as well as HDMI support.

Atari did say one thing of note in their press release for the console, which was that they’d be working towards bringing both classic and current gaming content. Meaning that you won’t just be using this box to play Breakout, but rather more modern games! Atari in the modern era people, it is happening!

If you want to read the full press release, you can find it below.

Our objective is to create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.

Inspired by classic Atari design elements (such as the iconic use of wood, ribbed lines, and raised back); we are creating a smooth design, with ribs that flow seamlessly all around the body of the product, a front panel that can be either wood or glass, a front facing logo, indicator lights that glow through the material, and an array of new ports (HDMI, 4xUSB, SD). We intend to release two editions: a wood edition, and a black/red edition.

As you can guess, those ports suggest modern internal specs. It also means that while we will be delivering classic gaming content, we will also be delivering current gaming content.

We know you are hungry for more details; on specs, games, features, pricing, timing etc. We’re not teasing you intentionally; we want to get this right, so we’ve opted to share things step by step as we bring Ataribox to life, and to listen closely to Atari community feedback as we do so. There are a lot of milestones, challenges and decision points in front of us in the months ahead. We’ll be giving you lots more information and status updates as we progress, and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Hope you like where we are taking this, we’ll be in touch soon.

The Ataribox Project team.

That is it! Credit goes to our friends over at Kotaku for the scoop on this! Are you excited by the prospect of a new Atari console?

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