Andy Pearson

Group Head of Marketing across all of our Retail businesses.

The Games Shed – An Interview With

1. Tell us a bit about yourself Jamie: Grumpy self-claimed “know-it-all” half of The Games Shed. Lives and breathes gaming, currently playing lots of Fortnite Battle...

New PS2 Theme for PS4 Launched Today!

The PS2 Theme for PS4 is out today, bringing classic nostalgia feels to your next gen console!

Tony Hawks 3 (PS2) – Best Games of ALL TIME Series

Why Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 is One of the Greatest Games of All Time Some games capture a moment in gaming history, a time or a feeling that embodies the console...

Nintendo 64 – The Essential N64 Games Collection

Introduced to the world as Project Reality and later under the moniker the Ultra 64, Nintendo’s first 3D gaming console, the Nintendo 64.

‘Duck Dodgers’ Starring Daffy Duck (N64) – Metacritic, You Got It Wrong!

One gaming console that benefits from this nostalgia drunk love more than most is Nintendo’s Nintendo 64, the console that birthed 3D platforming, the rumble pack, and...

Zombie Revenge (SEGA Dreamcast) – Metacritic, You Got It Wrong!

Inspired by the same muse that birthed Resident Evil, Zombie Revenge for SEGA Dreamcast was a critical failure, panned upon release for having many of the features that...

‘Contact Sam Cruise’ (ZX Spectrum) – You Didn’t Buy It?

‘Contact Sam Cruise’ was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum game released at the tail end of 1986 by “Microsphere”, just in time for Christmas 1986. It...

‘Super Off Road’ for SNES – December 1st 1991 “On This Day”

That's right! One of the most enjoyable arcade multiplayer racers "Super Off Road" arrived on SNES on this day, December 1st 1991! 

Inside The Gaming Room of a Full Time Prop Maker

It features an incredible collection of custom made gaming props including pieces based on Skyrim, Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, League of Legends, Half Life 2, Portal,...

Star Wars – Rogue One Retro 8-Bit Trailer

Developed by a personal friend of the site, animator Brendan Docherty (also known for Wrestling Arcade) has put together this stunning retro inspired trailer for an iOS...

Doom – Recreated in Clay!

As a stunning tribute to the retro classic 'Doom' someone has created a mashup between the hit classic FPS and the hit classic TV show 'Wallace and Gromit'...

Retro Bit Generations UK / EU Model – Help Make It Happen!

Hot on the heels of the Nintendo Mini, SEGA Wireless and Atari Flashback the 'Retro Bit Generations' looks to bring classic Capcom games back to your living room!

Zelda Level Recreated In VR

This incredible 3minute video takes you on a journey through a Zelda inspired level and allows you to experience it like never before!


SEGA Mega Drive Wireless (with 80 games) Competition!

This is your chance to win a brand new SEGA Mega Drive Wireless console (with 80 games!)

Guy Proposes To Girlfriend With Homemade Videogame

In an amazing story of love and hard work, one guy created a dedicated videogame for his wife to be (spoilers) to play through, with the final level ending in a...


Michael Jackson Nintendo Power Glove Picked Up At Estate Auction

(Apparently) picked up at an estate auction, the Michael Jackson Nintendo Power Glove is a thing of beauty, glistening with Jackson's signature crystal rhinestones,...

Original PS1 (Sony PlayStation 1) PC Desktop Background in High Resolution HD

You can now enjoy a full HD high resolution desktop background of the original PlayStation 1 (PS1) console!

‘Couch Questions’ – Ask Us Anything – 12th September 2015

In this brand new feature we let you "ask us anything"!