Andy Pearson

Group Head of Marketing across all of our Retail businesses.

SEGA Shoes Based on MegaDrive, Dreamcast and Saturn!

These stunning new SEGA themed shoes based on the classic MegaDrive, Dreamcast and Saturn designs have just been announced!

Guys Take Gamecube To Their Local Bar – Awesome Night Ensues

Have you ever been stuck with the dilemma of "more gaming" or "go to the bar"? - well these guys have solved that problem, taking their trusty GameCube (why else would...

‘Inside Funstock’ Weekly Roundup – Week 1 September 2015

In this weeks episode we take a look at everything that has been going on across the web and give you a heads'up on the weekends deals!

Mixtape Monday logo

Mixtape Monday 03/08/15

It's the first edition of Mixtape Monday, featuring the best Video Game Music Remixes from around the internet!

Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick: The Speed Runners Dream!

Gamers sure are a charitable bunch, none more so that the streaming community of Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to watch and participate in...

Top 5 Retro Video Game Documentaries

It's the first in FunStock's "Top 5 Tuesday" series, for the first week Simon counts down his favourite 5 Retro Video Game Documentaries!


We are looking for a dedicated person to be responsible for all of our social media, PR and video content. We need someone with passion and knowledge of the golden era...

WWE 2K15 remade as a SEGA Mega Drive game [Video]

An exclusive gameplay video/trailer of the SEGA Mega Drive port of the upcoming next-gen WWE game, WWE 2K15!

Retron 5 Status Update – Sept 2014

We are actively trying to get accurate information from Hyperkin, but we still have no confirmed release date and getting a response is becoming more and more difficult....

Funstock Looking for Intern – Job Available for Successful Employees

Europe’s number one retro gaming destination ( and the nation’s fastest growing digital download platform ( are looking for an...

Super Retro Trio – Everything You Need To Know

The Super Retro Trio is a three in one retro games console capable of playing your original NES, SNES (and Super Famicom!) and MegaDrive (and Genesis) cartridges. You...

NeoGeo X only £99.99 – THIS WEEKEND ONLY – While Stocks Last

It's been a long time coming. But this weekend the NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition console will be available for only £99.99 - the first time ever at a sub £100 price...

Andy Pearson Interview with GamesYouLoved at Play Blackpool

We met up with the guys at at Play Blackpool recently and they did an interview with our Group Head of Marketing and General Manager of...

Where Did Everdrive Go?

As of the 8th May 2014 we have been instructed by our payment provided to cease all sales of Everdrive products. We apologise on behalf of all of our customers and...

NeoGeo X + MEGA Pack + History of Gaming Poster = Deal of the Week

This package originally cost £234.99 and we recently reduced this to £199.99. We are now going one further as part of our amazing 'deal of the week' promotion and...

anippon announces shoes based on sega consoles

Everything You Need To Know About the Retron 5

We are receiving a lot of questions about the Retron 5 and we have tried to collate everything into this article - we will continue to add to it as we find out more and...

Top 10 Side Scrolling Shooting Games (Run and Gun)

As a huge fan of side scrolling shooter games I thought I would put together a list of the top 10 side scrolling shooters (aka 'run and gun') to share with you all.