Carl Houghton

Kasumi Ninja (Atari Jaguar) – Terrible Tuesday

I have wanted to write about this piece of tripe for a LONG time. I played this Atari Jaguar 'exclusive' over 20 years ago and still the pain remains.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES) – Super Nintendo Saturday

One of the best cartoons in history saw an equally entertaining release in 1994 for the Super Nintendo, The Adventures of Batman & Robin!

Buggy Boy (Commodore 64) – Throwback Thursday

We go hoofing footballs from race tracks whilst boogieing in our buggy: It's Buggy Boy (Commodore 64)!

Desert Strike – Midweek Mega Drive Madness

Get those rockets a-flying in EA's Desert Strike!

Goldeneye (N64) – Multiplayer Monday Madness

Let's check out one of the most fondly remembered multi-player games of all-time, Goldeneye for the N64!

Friday’s Forgotten Few – Exhumed

Checking out the now forgotten Egyptian based FPS title, Exhumed. Get walking like one ladies and gents...

Throwback Thursday – Nebulus

A must-play game for those who may be unaware of just what bedroom developers were capable of pulling off back in the 1980s

Super Nintendo Saturday – Big Sky Trooper

Now here’s a game that felt different at the time of its release. Developed by Lucasarts and released in 1995, Big Sky Trooper was a game that had Lucasarts...

Throwback Thursday – Ant Attack

Time to dust off the ol' 2 button joystick and get cracking some ant skulls; it's the Commodore 64 hit Ant Attack!

Mid-Week Mega Drive Madness – Haunting starring Polterguy

Getting haunted by that bastion of booginess himself, Polterguy!... who?

Sexy Accessory – Visual Memory Unit

What an ugly sounding gaming peripheral. Visual. Memory. Unit. Or VMU as we very quickly grew to know it as. The VMU was Sega’s answer to Sony’s Memory Card...

Friday’s Forgotten Few – Chakan: The Forever Man

Taking a quick look back at the man who has all the time in the world, our friend, Chakan the Forever Man!

Kwirk (Nintendo Game Boy) – WTF Wednesday

Now, there IS a plot with Kwirk. It’s so ridiculous and unrelated to the game that I’m not going to discuss Kwirk and his girlfriend going out on a bender...

Rumble Pak – Sexy Accessory Sunday

It’s funny how force feedback is such a given today, and yet most gamers don’t realise the innovation truly took off with Nintendo’s Rumble Pak. True,...

World Class Rugby – Super Nintendo Saturday

I wasn’t even a rugby fan when I first played this, but the dodgy guy who used to come round to our road every Sunday with his bootload of games to rent...

Funstock’s Best Video Game EVER!?!

Too many times are we writers on the site trying to sway you the readers with what we like. If it’s me, you’re never gonna hear the end of Sensible Soccer,...

The Boxing Day Bloodshed

So, Christmas is finally over, we’ve enjoyed the turkey and stuffing, tried out all the great gifts we’ve received, and are now counting the days down until...


Ducks have always felt a bit like the odd one out. Never the lead role when there’s other animals around, rarely the first choice of a family roast dinner, and...