Dennis Montoya

Dennis is the Editor in Chief for FunstockRetro and has a massive passion for Retro Games. His favourite series is Casltevania and he loves to play a good Japanese RPG above all other genres. For any editorial enquires, please contact [email protected]

Remake of Duke Nukem 3D in the works!

Perhaps another adventure into the world of Duke Nukem with some polish? Seems like it! We're revisiting some familiar territory!

Someone got Light Gun games working on a modern TV!

How we manage to get older tech to communicate with more modern tech is always a challenge! A talented software modifier has managed to do just that!

Dara O’ Briain is the host of a video game TV show!

The show is also shaping up to be one heck of a watch as there are many interesting elements in play! Especially with Dara O' Briain at the helm!

Somebody programmed their old Game Boy to pilot a drone!

Drones are the craze sweeping the world right now! somebody decided they would modify a Game Boy to pilot one! The results are amazing!

BRAND NEW Commodore 64: A Visual Compendium Expanded Edition book available!

BRAND NEW Commodore 64: A Visual Compendium Expanded Edition book available!

Pokemon Developer release an early build of their newest game!

Game Freak is the developer of the Pokemon franchise. They also dabble in making other games from time to time, one example being the previous Steam game they relreased...

You can play Classic NES games on the Microsoft HoloLens!

Someone has made an emulator that let's you play NES games, but the best part is that it loads the game in a 3D effect style for the HoloLens!

First piece of code Satoru Iwata has ever made may have been discovered!

Frank Cifaldi, head of restoration at developer Digital Eclipse, former games journalist may have just taken possession a piece of video gaming history....

Play 4000+ MS-DOS games for free in your browser!

Did you know? You can play classic MS-DOS titles in your browser for FREE! No downloads, nothing complicated! Just select your game of choice and play!

Atari Flashback 7 and the Atari Ultimate Portable Game Player announced!

The latest from the Atari Flashback line! The Atari Flashback 7 and Atari Flashback Portable! A must have for any Atari fan!

GoldenEye 007 is being remade in HD by fans!

GoldenEye 64 has some passionate fans. Case in point being the dedicated fans who have made an updated HD remake of the game for Windows!

Get a FREE copy of RETRO Magazine Replay: Vol. 1!

We've teamed up with RETRO Video Game Magazine to give out free copies of their first volume of RETRO Replay to everyone in the Retro Gaming community!

Replay Events announce HUGE Tomb Raider celebration for Play Expo Manchester!

Replay Events just announced a massive tribute to the Tomb Raider series to commemorate the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the series!

Somebody coloured in a video game poster that has hidden logos, and it is awesome!

Reddit user Yensoo – Click here to check out his profile! made some serious magic by colouring in this video game themed poster that has quite a number of famous...

Multi Emulator ‘Mednafen’ now has Sega Saturn Compatibility!

Have you been looking for good Sega Saturn emulation software? We have as well! Good news awaits you with the newest player on the block!

Someone made a Virtua Fighter robot!

A dedicated Virtua Fighter fan has created a fully functional robot of Akira from the fighting game Virtua Fighter! The results are insane!

Dedicated fans are remaking Metroid 2!

AM2R, is a project from a group of hardworking individuals who have been working on this project for a few years now. The first complete version is now out!

Classic Disney Platformers are now on PC!

You can now play some of the best classic Disney playformers on your PC! Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book can now be played on your computer!