Battletoads NES Prototype Appears Online for Sale

A prototype of Rare’s NES Game Battletoads has recently appeared online in an auction; with the current asking price at $19,998.

The discovery, and sale, of a prototype is always an exciting prospect; as it means that elements removed from the game may be accessible in this version of the game. Of course some people may be skeptical about this product and to reassure you this Prototype version of Battletoads is real it has been approved by VGA; so we know for sure that it is a legitimate product.


Originally released in 1991 Battletoads became an instant-hit with it’s fast-paced side-scrolling beat-em-up action, unique character roster and insanely difficult gameplay. Since it’s release onto the NES Rare have ported the game onto multiple other platforms, with even an upgraded version released into Arcades during 1994 with the same game appearing on the Xbox One exclusive bundle Rare Replay.

The asking price of $19,998 may be a difficult amount to swallow; but for retro collectors its a once-in-a-lifetime chance of owning a piece of retro history.

If you own the original Battletoads cartridge then you can play it on the Retron 5; alternatively the BLAZETAB, GPD XD and JXD are capable of emulating the NES Console. All four devices are available to order from