Beyond Good and Evil Is FREE For PC!

Beyond Good and Evil is one of my favourite games that I’ve ever played, this is quite clear in how often I mention Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. She ranked well on our list of Top Ten Coolest Women In Video Games, which you can read about here.  Beyond Good and Evil a nifty little action adventure title where you play fantastic female lead Jade, a reporter turned rebel protecting the lives of those she cares about, and she was joined by her best buddy who is grizzled pig man. What’s not to love about that? It turns out that Ubisoft thinks everyone should play Beyond Good and Evil if they haven’t already!


Ubisoft is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary. 30 years of bringing some great games and characters, from Ezio, Rayman, and of course Jade. To coincide with this date, they are letting anyone who is part of the Ubisoft Club, which is as easy as making a UPlay account, download Beyond Good and Evil for Free! Given the recent hype surrounding the sequel that is pre-production, which you can read about here, it’s quite a nice surprise that they are bringing further focus to the series by offering the game for free.

Click here to grab your free copy!

If you’ve never played Beyond Good and Evil beyond, you’ve got to try and dedicate some time to playing through this amazing game. A weekend with it and you’ll have a new favourite game to cherish and join everyone in being hyped for Beyond Good and Evil 2! With no reason not to now that it’s free, what are you waiting for?


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