BLAZE TAB Isn’t Just a Gaming Handheld; It’s an Android Tablet

Here at we often refer to the BLAZE TAB as a handheld games console designed for playing retro games; but in actuality the device can operate just like a normal android tablet; if not better.

Featuring Android 4.4.4, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage and a ARM Cortex A9 1.6GHz processor the BLAZE TAB is capable of beating other Android based tablets, such as the Arnova, in both speed and power but what the BLAZE TAB has that they don’t have is a dedicated controller layout thanks to the built in D-Pad, Analog stick and command buttons.

This means; not only can the BLAZE TAB be used to play games, both of current Android based nature and classic emulated based nature, but it also means that users will still be able to watch their favourite Youtube and Netflix videos, connect with others online through social media and surf the web through the built-in browser. Of course this is just a ‘brief’ example as to what the BLAZE TAB can do; as anything that an android based tablet can also be done on the BLAZE TAB.

This combination of a traditional android tablet and gaming device results in one of the easiest to use android tablets on the market; and for only £99.99 its not breaking the bank either.

The BLAZE TAB is available to order at and you can save 5% on your order by using the discount code ‘NEWS5’