Bloke Finds Atari 2700 Prototype At Second-Hand Shop

Find for the ages!

We’ve been talking about what is new with Atari as of late. Their latest console release for example. However, there has been little in the news about their past. Enter a bloke who was just making the rounds at second-hand shops in his area to find an incredible treat.

Reddit user Lo64N was vising a second-hand shop in Oceanside, California. He stumbled upon an Atari console he’d never seen before. As you’d imagine, stumbling upon an unknown console would lead one to search the wonderful invention that is the internet for more clues. After a few moments of searching, he soon realised that sitting in front of him was an incredibly rare prototype for the Atari 2700.

The 2700 was supposed to be the follow up to the hugely popular Atari 2600. The scope for the console was pretty big, sporting backwards compatibility with the 2600 games and accessories, and sporting wireless controllers that combined a joystick and paddle in one.

The one that was discovered lacked the controllers, instead just coming with normal Atari 2600. It also lacked the appropriate plugs to test with TV, but powered on fine when plugged into the wall. So plus point there that it wasn’t just a dead unit.

Lack of controllers means little though. The unit is stupidly rare since there are only few dozen units that were made. Needless to say, it was bought with little thought. How much did he buy it for exactly? $30. The shop had no idea what they had on their hands as the bloke went on to sell the unit for about $3k.

Bet he feels lucky! Imagine just finding one of these in your local shops! Talk about crazy.

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