Boost Your Hipster Gaming Cred With The Dingo A330 Handheld


We have already mentioned in the past why the Dingo A300 is the ultimate handheld gaming machine. Today, as FunStock has recently got a bunch of them back in stock for just £89.99 , we thought it would provide the perfect opportunity to highlight another reason why you need a Dingoo A330 in your life: to boost your retro gaming hipster rating.

As the Dingoo A330 has the ability to emulate and play ROMs from a number of retro games consoles and handhelds (including the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, MSX, NeoGeo, NeoGeo Pocket, PC Engine, SEGA Master System, SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Gear, WonderSwan Color &, Odyssey ², ColecoVision, and MAME), you can play all those obscure games from the last few decades and really bump up your status as an all-knowing gaming ubergeek.

So, pour yourself an artisanal soy latte, power up your Macbook Air, dust off your fedora and adjust your horn-rimmed spectacles as we step away from the mainstream and take a look at some of the games you could potentially play on the Dingoo that you’ve probably never heard of…

Terranigma (1995, SNES)


Beef up your hipster cred with an action RPG published by Enix. You know, the guys that merged with Square before it was cool? Terranigma (known as known in Japan as Tenchi Sozo) is the third in a loosely connected trilogy, preceded by Soul Blazer and Illusions of Gaia. The action of Terrigma takes place on an alternate Earth, one that happens a hollow sphere. After a battle between the Lightside and Darkside, the planet now has both a surface world and an underworld. Terranigma  follows Ark, a boy from the underworld who accidentally unleashes a curse that freezes all the people in the world must quest to break it.

For added geek points, have a listen to the Tenchi Sōzō Creative Soundtracks album that accompanied it while sipping on an organic craft beer.

Hipster rating: 2/5

Money Idol Exchanger/ Money Puzzle Exchanger (1997, NeoGeo)


Because playing Puyo Puyo or Puzzle Bobble is too mainstream, Money Idol Exchanger mixes block stacking gameplay with the excitement of being a bank teller. Chain together same value coins into higher denomination currency before the descending blocks of money touch the bottom of the screen.

Oh yeah, the characters are mostly high school girls – apart from one kid who is dressed up like a dog.

Hipster rating: 5/5

Legend of the River King (1999, Game Boy Color)


A fishing RPG from the creators of Harvest Moon. Tool up with the right rods, bait, lures and hooks to help capture the magical Guardian Fish to help cure your sick sister. There will be some battles along the way but for the pacifists out there, Legend of the River King also features a Raise Fish mode where you can nurture your own fish from tiddler to whopper.

One major factor counting against Legend of the River King’s hipster factor is the fact that it was available on the 3DS virtual console in 2013. Not cool, in a bad way.

Hipster rating: 1/5

Ninja Cop/ Ninja Five-O (2003, Game Boy Advance)


Inspired by the likes of Bionic Commando, Revenge of Shinobi and Shadow Dancer, Ninja Cop is a retro-styled side-scrolling action game that went almost completely under the radar when it was released back in 2003. Which makes it an ideal addition to your hipster game collection. Just don’t let too many people know about it.

Hipster rating: 3/5

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1993, Arcade)


Forget Final Fight and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the true hipster choice for early 1990’s side-scrolling beat-’em-up arcade games has to be Capcom’s Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Sure, it might only feature the aforementioned car for a couple of seconds but you can get into a whole load of bare-knuckle fights with raptors and other prehistoric creatures.

Don’t forget to mention how you loved the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs comic book and watched the Saturday morning cartoon (which ran for about four months) for bonus hipster kudos.

Hipster rating: 2/5

 Biomotor Unitron (1999, NeoGeo Pocket Color)


Despite a huge amount of potential, for various different reasons, the NeoGeo Pocket Color never managed to fare as well as the ubiquitous Nintendo Game Boy. This alone should put it in favour with the discerning gaming hipster. Although, it would be too obvious to suggest the likes of SNK Vs Capcom: Card Fighter’s Clash, we’ve opted for Biomotor Unitron – the first RPG released for the SNK handheld and one that stands out thanks to its replay value and the large amount of custom options you can use to enhance your Unitron mech.

Hipster rating 3/5

Rhyme Rider Kerorican (2000, Wonderswan Color)


Vib Ribbon? UmJammer Lammy? PaRappa?  Puh-lease. If you’re going to enjoy a rhythm action game from NanaOn-Sha, you going to need to try a bit harder than that to earn your hipster gaming stripes (which will look very nice on your ironic military jacket). So, we present to you Rhyme Rider Kerorican – a game starring a female astronaut in a frog suit (because why not?) who creates a rhythm by either dodging or interacting with objects as she walks along.

Hipster rating 3/5

Ganbare Gorby (1991, Sega Game Gear)


Non-hipsters may have played Factory Panic on the Game Gear but any true anti-mainstream game fan should be looking at the Japanese version, called Ganbare Gorby. This action-puzzle game is almost otherwise exactly the same as Factory Panic, barring one particular feature – Ganbare Gorby stars president of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and early 90s, Mikhail Gorbachev. We kid you not.

Hipster rating 5/5

Panaroma Cotton (1994, Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis)


As it was only released in Japan, you’ve probably never heard of Panorama Cotton. This third-person, pseudo-3D Space Harrier-like shooter is set in an amime world and features Cotton, a broomstick riding witch and the star of a number of video games including Marchen Adventure Cotton 100%, Magical Night Dreams: Cotton 2, Magical Pachinko Cotton and more. It is considered one of the rarest Mega Drive games to buy as a physical copy, which luckily isn’t an issue when you play it on the Dingoo A330…

Hipster rating 4/5

NBA Jam (1994, Sega Master System)


We know what your are thinking. What’s hipster about NBA Jam? Well, this particular version is from a game that never made an official release. Most likely a conversion of the 1993 NBA Jam game for the Sega Game Gear, the Sega Master System version was discovered by a SMS Power forum websmaster and features a two-player mode and an enhanced colour palette. The only way you can play it is as a ROM.

Hipster rating 4/5

Got another game you think should be on the list? Tell us below!