BRAND NEW Commodore 64: A Visual Compendium Expanded Edition book available!

Everyone loved the first edition of ‘Commodore 64: A Visual Compendium’! But there is a new player on the block now, as the Commodore 64 is BACK! This time, with a whole new 260 pages of brand new Commodore 64 content! The best part? It’s a hardback book! So you get quality in abundance with this new edition. If you already own the previous book, or you’ve not picked it up yet, now is the time!


Crafted by veteran graphic design and C64 fanatic, Sam Dyer (The founder of Bitmap Books) had worked hard to bring this new edition to everyone in the world, after running a very successful Kickstar campaign for the project.  You’ve got over 470 pages of C64 images and artwork that will make any fan smile! The original book has a flawless rating and all of our 90+ user reviews praise it to the moon and back. The new edition will be that, and more! You can choose from the Hardback Edition, or a Softback edition that includes a slipcase for added protection!

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