Brand New Super Famicom Game Getting Released!

Internet-based peripherals for consoles have been around for ages, from the Sega Network to Nintendo’s Satellaview. These were the Netflix of Retro Gaming, where you could pay a monthly subscription fee to be able to play games that you could only download from these systems. As such, a number of titles have not seen the light of day outside of these subscription services, some of which were Japanese exclusives.

So when games that were featured on these special services get physical releases, it’s something quite special! So imagine the surprise when it was announced the Super Famicom game Choujin Shubibinman Zero would be getting physical edition for the first time ever. Truly a treat for the Super Famicom collectors out there, as it gives them a chance to get their hands on a game which was not expected to receive a physical release due it’s download only history prior.

Japanese company Columbus Circle will handle the physical release and you can see the pictures for the upcoming release down below.

Are you excited by this news? What is your favourite Super Famicom game? Let us know!

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