Breath Of The Wild Almost Had Aliens And Link Using A Guitar!

GDC is showcasing a plethora of fantastic reveals for modern gamers everywhere.  Nintendo fans are getting some pretty interesting and somewhat strange details regarding the development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Three developers did a little discussion behind the game and how no idea seemed to be off limits during their time working on the game. No, actually, they didn’t hold back with some of the things pitched during the development.

Developers Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Takuhiro Dohta, and Satoru Takizawa spoke in detail about their time on Breath of the Wild and how they wanted to break the mould of what people expected from the Zelda series. Which is understandable considering the rich history the series has under its belt. There is only so many times you can do the same thing over and over. Pokemon had the same experience, and now we have Mega Evolutions and some crazy super moves that show you performing Kamen Rider poses alongside your Pokemon.  Zelda should continue to evolve too, was their thinking.

But they surprised people with just how far they were willing to go in hopes to take Zelda in a new direction or to turn a few heads.

Trendy Link

Here we see Link in some modern attire, riding a motorcycle, using a guitar, and overall looking somewhat out of place in general. The bike seemed more fitting for something like the Mario Kart series, the attire and guitar is a bit harder to picture Link using.  It appeared to be quite jarring for those in attendance, if not amusing. They even showcased Link clad in a full spacesuit with a Metroid floating next to him in another slide that you can see here.

Hyrule Wars

Hyrule Wars is a strange one. Nothing was really revealed, but it is assumed that this was what the team were working on before getting approached by Koei later on. Halting the work and handing the reigns to Koei for Hyrule Warriors.

Aliens in Hyrule?!

Out of everything shown, this is the most eyebrow raising. It looks like Breath of The Wild, but there is a bit of a difference in that an alien mothership is seen hovering in the air a path of chaos, as Link is seen looking at the destruction left in the wake of this spaceship. The title is shown to be The Legend of Zelda: Invasion. Terraformars this is not. But strange? Oh yes. But Zelda is the world that continuously expands and changes; there is no real formula it has to follow. But as you can see on the right, there is a small comic that shows some strange alien encounter between two characters. One who looks like Ganondorf in a Metallica shirt. It’s so confusing. But interesting at the same time!

All in all, the meeting was met with praise and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Hopefully, we’ll see someone upload the conference or at least break down the meeting itself and what they were thinking with some of these ideas!

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