Can the Retro Freak be the Best Retro Gaming Device Of All Time?

[Update] The Retro Freak is now available to order now here!

By now you’ve probably been made aware of the Retro Freak, a new retro orientated console that allows the cartridges from eleven different platforms, including PC Engine games, to be played on the device. It’s a device that sounds great; but just what exactly is it? and can it be better than the Retron 5? For the time being we are unable to answer that question but here is everything we know about the Retro Freak so far.

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Created by Cyber Gadget in Japan the Retro Freak console is a small and stylish device designed to replace the old rundown retro consoles of yester year by offering portability and extensive compatibility in the form of eleven different console platforms. These platforms include Famicom, Super Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Game Boy, Game Boy Colour (GBC), Game Boy Advance (GBA), Mega Drive, Genesis, PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine SuperGrafx.

Just like with the Retron 5 users can simply insert their cartirdge, turn on the console and play their game, all of which will be presented in upscaled High Definition quality. -Interestingly enough however the Retro Freak has another surprise in store.




The surprise is that the Retro Freak console can disconnect into two separate parts; the first part of which is the bulk of the machine and features the slots for the where the cartridges are inserted into. The second part on the other hand can be considered as the unit itself; as here ROMS of all supported platforms can be played by using the Retro Freak’s built in SD Card reader. The result is that the Retro Freak can not only play your entire range of physical cartridges, excluding the Nintendo 64 of course, but – if you so desire – you can also use ROMS of those games on the console so that your original cartridges don’t get damaged.

Just like the Retron 5 the Retro Freak comes with its own controller, albeit a wired one, but those wishing to use their original controllers can do so with the the controller adaptor. It’s an adaptor which connects to the Retro Freak and it allows controllers from supported platforms to be used on the device; which is of course another similarity to the Retron 5 whereby the console supports a range of original controllers.


As previously mentioned the Retro Freak will also offer support for HD upscaling; whereby the games played will look smoother and better than what they originally did all those years ago. The option to save your progress, using the save state ability, will also be another feature thats accessible on the Retro Freak. Both of these features were also available on the Retron 5 and proved popular with those who enjoyed playing their original games on the console.

As you may expect there’s lots to look forward to with the Retro Freak and when compared against the Retron 5 they both have similar features; for the time being at least we will have to stick with the Retron 5 – as its the only one we have access to – but hopefully in time we will be able to see what the Retro Freak truly has to offer.

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