Can’t wait for Sonic Mania? Give Sonic Time Twisted a shot!

Have you heard of Sonic Time Twisted? It’s a fan game, but unlike most fan games which get a year or two dedicated to it, Sonic Time Twisted has been in development for 12 full years.


Before anything, let us take the time to appreciate an indie studio that has taken 12 years to develop a fan game. This isn’t a Duke Nukem Forever situation, but rather a rally of praise for a few people who put their heart into a project while juggling their non-indie game development lives. More than likely facing a heavy level of stress and enduring more takeaway induced late night sessions than they’d like to admit.

It’s also good that they chose Sonic as their go to project to give love towards. Nintendo for all of their success has often been against fan projects in any capacity. Whether it’s due to monetary reasons, or a worry of ‘you let one person do it, everyone will do it‘ it makes a little difference. Most developers leave their Nintendo projects secret out of fear of a cease and desist. But not SEGA, SEGA have always supported those little studios that could. Often working together with indie studios on their projects and giving them tips along the way.

Overbound Game Studio brings us this nice little fan title. Sonic Time Twisted, as most Sonic Fan Games, focuses on 2D classic Sonic style gameplay. It takes inspiration from all over the series’ rich history. It’s clear from the sprite and level design, and the way the game uses a Sonic CD time travel mechanic. It features 28 acts spread across 8 original zones so you’ll have plenty of game to enjoy, and as you’ll see from the trail below,  Sonic Time Twisted no doubt will have the same charm as the upcoming Sonic Mania.

You can download Sonic Time Twisted here! It’s free to enjoy and well worth a playthrough.

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