Castlevania Remade Using Unreal Engine!

Many of our readers know that I’m a massive Castlevania fan. This was quite obvious when I put the Retro Spotlight on the spiritual successor to the series Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to which you can read here. From Super Castlevania IV to Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, the series is often overlooked when you think of great platformers of yesteryear! Konami don’t seem to care about the series at the moment. So like Sonic Utopia which we talked about yesterday here. It’s up to the fans to step in and change things a bit!

Creator Dejawolfs has been working on this remake for sometime now. He often posts as many updates on the project as he can whenever improvements are made, from tiny things like texture changes to some models, to entire level reveals for the project. When you think Casltevania remake one thinks of a massive overhaul with loads of different design elements and gameplay aspects like the Konami supported project – Castlevania Lords of Shadow. But for this project is a dedicated Castlevania remake all the way through, sticking to the sidescrolling roots of the series.

What is the best design aspect is that the unreal engine overhaul helps puts the levels into perfect perspective in terms of the stairs and how level transitions work! Whereas in the original Casltevania it could sometimes be a bit hard to make out just what could be interacted with. There is a lack of the multi directional whip mechanic from the more well known Super Castlevania IV, but fans will know that the NES and Arcade versions of Casltevania didn’t even have that feature in the first place. This is a pure modern remake of the classic Castlevania experience from top to bottom.

If you like the look of the remake, you can play it here!

What do you think of the project? How do you feel about remakes taking a great deal of limelight in the gaming industry? Are they needed or should people leave the companies to their work? I’m happy to see more of the classic franchises I’ve loved for years make a return in any fashion.


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