Castlevania Showrunner Wants New TV Show To Be On Par With Game Of Thrones!

We previously reported that Castlevania would be getting the Netflix treatment later this year, to which you can read about here.

With the cat out of the bag and confirmed as the Showrunner, Adi Shankar has recently dished some details regarding the soon to be revealed TV series. Which is going to be an Animated TV series, a far cry from the likes of Shankar’s previous works which include the likes of Punisher and Power Rangers ‘gritty’ fan films. So working on an animated project seems a bit different than his usual work.

Shankar has stated that he wants the series to reach the likes of Game of Thrones when it comes to gratuitous violence and has that ‘shock’ factor. As well as having the jaw-dropping visuals of battles from the Lord of the Rings films. Unfortunately, there was little he could reveal regarding the series. Simply stating that the show will ‘Set the bar’ for adaptations of Video Games.

“If you look at Game of Thrones, each season was bigger than the last. The last season had that huge Jon Snow battle, which was like a scene from Lord of the Rings. I’d like to do something along those lines.” – Adi Shankar

He couldn’t go into detail regarding which series he’ll be focusing on for the show, or what characters will be present.  “Casting is done and the show is going to be released this year,” Shankar said. “I really can’t comment and I don’t think fans of Castlevania are going to want to read spoilers for this show.”

Adi calls himself a major fan of the Castlevania series. Saying that he has poured hours upon hours into the games. The bigger question is which games? Does he favour the modern Metroidvania games like Aria of Sorrow and Order of Ecclesia? Or the modern action Castlevania games like Lords of Shadow? Could he even go as obscure as being a fan of the Playstation 2 games like Curse of Darkness?

As you can see, Castlevania comes in many different styles. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence [Pictured on the Left] has a different tone than Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow [Pictured on the right] So it’ll be interesting to see which source material is used.

It’s going to be difficult to please every fan, since Castlevania is many different things to many different people! Some people only know Simon Belmont, where others only know Soma Cruz.  When Shankar got asked about what he thinks about getting possible backlash from the fanbase of the games, he responded in a refreshing manner that does seem to support the claim of him being a super fan.

“I think backlash comes from a place of inauthenticity,” Shankar said. “Fans know when things are being changed as a way to make more money and when parts of a movie or show are being changed to make a better story.”

That’s about all there is to go on for the moment, but Shankar has stated that we’ll seem information released over the next few weeks. It’ll be good to learn what the series will be using a basis, it looks like we’re getting a Castlevania series that is most definitely not going to be for kids and will be coming from a place of passion, rather than a cash grab from a popular game series.

What do you fellow Vania fans think? Are you excited by the prospect of this upcoming Animated Series?

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