Classic Disney Platformers are now on PC!

Disney platformers are the king of childhood memories, piling the hours into Aladdin on the SNES for hours on end brought me endless joy.  Don’t even start about which version of Aladdin was better either, that was one heck of a playground argument! So, excitement has exploded on the internet as a recent announcement has come to life! You can play all of the classic Disney platformers right on your PC!
PC, Mac, Linux, it does not make any difference. The games will work just fine no matter what platform you choose. You can pick the titles bundled together for £14.07 or on their own each for £6.09. Sporting wonderful graphics and the same level of difficulty that you remember. If you want a proper gaming challenge, sure, Dark Souls can test you. But The Lion King? Now that is one session to remember.

If you want to take any of these games on the go, then consider picking up any of our Handheld Android Units! You can play these titles and many more! On top of being able to use Netflix and Youtube like a standard tablet? What’s not to love? Click here to have a look!


This has been a news report by Dennis Montoya for FunstockRetro. The #1 for Retro in all of Europe!