Classic Sonic Gameplay Revealed In Latest Sonic Forces Trailer!

Are you enjoying your Nintendo Switch? Amidst nights playing Zelda and Super Bomberman?

Get ready to get excited as the latest Nintendo Direct has seen further gameplay released for the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game, titled Sonic Forces. Which will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this Holiday season.

We get to see some fantastic gameplay featuring Classic Sonic, and it’s a nice return to form as it looks to be similar to the previously released Sonic Generations. While some people weren’t as impressed by the game, most of the gaming community found to be a lovely tribute to the Blue Blur. Compared to previous entries from Sonic Team, that is.

Sonic Forces looks to be taking the Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic join forces element from Generations and make it less about an anniversary celebration, and more of a fun stand-alone adventure taking from the series’ history.

Who are you…?

The main question that the trailer leaves us with is, who is the character featured towards the end? Reports are that it’s the third playable character for the game. Who could stand alongside Classic and Modern Sonic that looks like that…?

It’s obviously Big the Cat after some weight loss guys, you’ve heard it here first.

Are you excited for Sonic Forces? Who do you think this mystery character is? Let us know in the comments!

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