dark souls

Dark Souls III Remade as a Playstation Game

FROM SOFTWARE’s Dark Souls franchise has always been well-known for its detailed environments and stunning visuals, especially in the in Dark Souls III; but have you ever wondered what the game would look like if it was released onto the original Playstation console?

Personally no; but YouTuber veselekov has managed to recrate scenes from the game as ‘he believe’ it would be played out on a Playstation console and the result are quite interesting. Sure enough it doesn’t have the visual flair of Resident Evil or Final Fantasy; but it does give you a glance as to what the franchise may have looked like if it was released twenty years ago.

It’s not the first time that Dark Souls has been recreated for an older generation platform; as previouslyu Youtuber thelegendaryp created a 2D 16-bit variation for the game using RPG Maker; to which his results can be seen below:

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