Dedicated fans are remaking Metroid 2!

Nintendo have been surprisingly silent over the recent 30th anniversary of one of their flagship franchises, Metroid. Metroid is the game series that has spawned many similar titles known as ‘Metroidvania’ style games, such as the Wario Land series. The lack of love has us scratching our heads as to why the folks at Nintendo have been surprisingly silent over the hallmark date. While Nintendo has remained silent, a group of hardcore Metroid fans are not being as quiet in their passion for this beloved series…

AM2R, or, Another Metroid 2 Remake is a project from a group of hardworking individuals who have been working on this project for a few years now. With the recent Anniversary they have released the current build for FREE. You can experience a fully recreated Metroid 2 experience for free thanks to the hard efforts of some fans who just love series. This is the first official 1.0 build, of which there was only a demo before. You can see a trailer below as well!

This is a remake of the Game Boy classic Metroid 2: Return of Samus. If you’ve played any of the Game Boy Advance titles such as Metroid Zero Mission, then you’ll have a bit of a familiar feeling here. Sporting fresh new graphics with a massive focus on flawless control in terms of platforming, it feels like a brand new game! (Better than the current offerings from Nintendo anyway.)

Regardless of the lack of love from Nintendo, the fans have really come out of the woodwork to make sure Samus was given a good thank you for her wonderful adventures thus far. From fantastic Youtube videos, music covers, fan art, and more; it’s pretty safe to say that Samus is going to stay in the hearts of gamers worldwide. Especially with dedicated fans like the ones who made the remake in question. So why wait? If you have some spare time… Click here to check out the remake!

EDIT as of 08/08/16 : Nintendo have sent a DMCA Takedown notice to the creators! Nintendo is known to pull the plug on any projects that aren’t official. So make sure you grab the game while you can!

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This has been a news report by Dennis Montoya for FunstockRetro. The #1 for Retro in all of Europe!