Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Perfect World Record Score Achieved by Wes Copeland

During it’s life-time the Donkey Kong ‘World Record’ high score has changed hands countless times with Wes Copeland, Steve Wiebe and Hank Chien constantly out-playing each other for that all important world recorder holder title. Well during the past week previous Donkey Kong record holder Wes Copeland posted a new photograph and video which showcases him obtaining a 1.218m score in the game.

The news of this new high-score was originally posted on Wes Copeland’s facebook page along with the following comment:

“New world record! This will be my last record score… I don’t believe I can put up a game any higher than this.”

This particular high score can be considered ‘Perfect’ because Wes Copeland did not lose a single life on his way to the 22nd level; which is where the kill-screen appears. Unlike in Pac-Man the kill-screen sees jump-man, later renamed to Mario, automatically die within several seconds of the level starting.

According to Wes Copeland this will be his last Donkey Kong effort and for the time being at least it seems like a score that will stay around for a long time. You can watch the video of the record attempt below.

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