Double Dragon IV Coming To The Nintendo Switch!

Dooooouble Dragon!

Double Dragon IV will be hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop next week guys. So all you Retro Lovers will have a new game to try out on Nintendo’s latest console offering, which we know is still in some desperate need of more games. Thankfully the guys over at Arc System Works have you covered and you’ll be playing the beat ’em up adventures of the Double Dragon Duo very soon!

Taking place after Double Dragon II, IV sees you play as Billy and Jimmy once again in a fight against the forces of evil. While the current release has only listed a Japanese price, given the fact that the game has been translated and released on other platforms, it’s safe to say it’ll come out in English in the same week as Japan.

The features you can expect on the Nintendo Switch version are…

  • Story Mode: Follow protagonists Bill and Jimmy as they attempt to fight off the “The Renegades”. Play in either single player or couch co-op with new characters available to unlock.
  • Tower Mode: Climb to the top of the tower by defeating all enemies and no continues, meaning when you die, it’s all over.
  • 2P Duel Mode: Take on friends in a one on one battle. All characters unlocked in the story are available for battle with enemies also playable in this mode.

You can watch the trailer for the game down below

Double Dragon IV on the Switch will be releasing on September 4th 2017 for the Nintendo Switch! Please support the release!

Let us know if you’ll be picking this one up when it releases! Fight on Double Dragon fans!

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