Dreamcast signed by Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Fails To Sell Online For A Second Time!


Admit it. The tune came into your head for a second, didn’t it? A vast majority of us have listened to Limp Bizkit back in the day. From Nookie to Rollin’, they were one of those bands that every kid would jam out when they needed to feel that much more ‘hardcore’. The group led the charge for a few years much like bands before it, such as Hoobastank and Papa Roach.

Well, someone is hoping that there is a die hard Limp Bizkit fan who also loves the Sega Dreamcast. Why? Because an eBay user is trying to sell a Dreamcast that was signed by the leading man of Limp Bizkit himself, Fred Durst.

fred durst dreamcast

Only problem? He has failed to sell it two times in a row now.


Ebay user, hollywoodstorage1 has listed this Sega Dreamcast two times now. The starting bid was set to $700 and could be bought outright for $1,000. Each time, the console was listed at these prices, and no further changes were made. Simply ‘Here is my Fred Durst Dreamcast‘ and left to see who took the bait.

Unfortunately for the seller, Limp Bizkit does not have the same acclaim that it once did. Back in the day, SEGA partnered with the band to promote its console during the end of its lifecycle. Going as far as helping with a sponsored Limp Bizkit tour in which the console would be brought around with them and could be played during shows.

Those days have long since passed it would seem. The listing ended with no sales and nobody to claim the fame of owning the famed Sega Dreamcast – Fred Durst edition. The internet as a whole seemed to have a chuckle at the existence of such a listing but has since pointed out that the price is pretty ridiculous and should be brought down especially since the console is sporting some minor damages.

For now, who knows what will happen to this piece of gaming history?! Will it ever get sold? Heck, would YOU buy it?

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  • Big Hairy Marty

    If I had that kind of money on me, I would have bought it in a heartbeat the first time round.