Dutch DJ Remakes Classic NES Soundtracks For Chiptune Album


If the soundtrack to your childhood was provided by the Nintendo Entertainment System then Dutch videogame music DJ and producer The Greatest Bits can help you recapture your youth with some of the most memorable NES game soundtracks courtesy of his latest album.

The first volume, called 8-Bit NES Top 50 was released this week, is an album that contains an original blend of 8-bit chiptune sounds with real drums, bass and other acoustic instruments. The result is a crossover that combines the best of both world – retro classics from the sound systems and portable music players of today.

8-Bit NES Top 50 contains new takes on the music from NES games such as Duck Tales, Double Dragon, Journey to Silius, Super Mario Bros 3, Snake’s Revenge, Silver Surfer, Metroid, Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda, Blaster Master, Contra, Kick Master, Mega Man 3 and more.

“I hope this will be an album that you will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it. Just something you can put on your speakers or headphones anytime you feel like it: on happy saturday evenings, lazy sunday afternoons, going to work on tuesdays etc. It’s a humble tribute to the fantastic originals,” says The Greatest Bits on his website.

Click on the videos to hear some samples, or you can download the album from iTunes, Amazon or Spotify.

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