Ebay Is Pulling Down SNES Mini Listings To Combat Scalpers

Hitting scalpers where it hurts

Remember how we reported on Amazon UK and how they’ve been limiting orders of SNES Minis to one per person? Well, Ebay is next in line at taking a swing at the scalping menace. People have been listing the micro console for anywhere between £300 to £200. Keep in mind that the SNES Mini is due to release on the 29th of September for £79.99. Not hundreds of pounds, just a simple £80.

So Ebay has seen this and is currently taking action as we speak, removing listings for the console that currently isn’t even out yet! The better question is why are they doing this? Has Nintendo come down from the heavens to let eBay know that scalpers should be removed and killed as ruthlessly as possible in listing form? Not so much.

It has to do with eBay and the official guidelines. As it stands pre-order items can only be listed on eBay if they’re ready for postage 30 days from the release date – 29th September for our dear SNES Mini.

State of events on eBay as of Tuesday at 4PM.

An eBay representative has said the following regarding the matter “We will remove listings for pre-release items and accessories if the release date of the item is more than 30 days away.” So for now, it isn’t the mass exodus of scalpers we’ve hoped for, but for now, eBay is keeping them at bay. This way your mum isn’t going to get you one from ‘Nintendofreak2739’ at £400 just yet, hopefully leaving Nintendo enough time to get round to fixing the issue.

For now, eBay will stick to their rules and August 29th may just see a flood of listings. It’s unfortunate, but we need to remain strong during all of this. The reason scalpers get away with things like this is because of the people feeding them. It’s tough, we all want to play Starfox 2. But if we leave these guys with their mountains of stock, they’ll become just as depressed and defeated as your average Herbalife distributor.

Change is now people! The power is yours!

What do YOU think of the situation at hand? What does Nintendo need to do to make sure we see an improvement in sales to actual customers for the SNES Mini?

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