Ecco II

Cancelled Dreamcast Game ‘Ecco II’ Appears Online

An ISO file for cancelled SEGA Dreamcast game Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe, otherwise known simply as Ecco II, has recently surfaced online and despite being an early development build the game is compatible with standard Dreamcast games.

The game, which acts as a sequel to the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis game Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, was previously in development at SEGA for the SEGA Dreamcast but it was later cancelled when SEGA announced that it would cease first-party games development and focus on third-party game development for other platforms. The result is a half-finished version of Ecco II and thankfully after more than a decade a playable built of the game has been discovered and made available for everyone to download.

This build, which we suspect to be the latest build made for beta-testing purposes before the project was scrapped, features no sound or audio but it does allow players to control Ecco around a large 3D environment, interact with other fash and challenge enemies; all of which can be seen in the gameplay video below.

This ISO file for Ecco II is self-booting which means that any Dreamcast console, and Emualtor, is capable of running the game; so if you do manage to get hold of it you will be able to experience of piece of gaming history.

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