EJagfest – The Ultimate Event For Atari Jaguar Lovers!

The Atari reassurance is in full effect. What do we mean by this? There has been such an amazing amount of fantastic Atari related items to be released this year. Such as the beautiful Art of Atari book which pays a fantastic tribute to the father of Retro Gaming, and you can read all about here. Or our brand new selection of Atari merchandise, from the amazing Atari 2600 Wallet that looks just like the actual console, or the stunning Atari socks that are so comfortable! Check out those items by clicking here. So needless to say, Atari is back!

The Art of Atari book is the best piece of Atari merchandise we’ve seen all year and is perfect for the holiday season.

One Atari creation that isn’t so much in the limelight is the Atari Jaguar, which is a shame. Because the Jaguar is a really under appreciated games system that honestly deserves a great deal of praise. But we aren’t the only ones who think that thankfully, there are loads of Atari Jaguar loves out there! From the States to Europe. The best part is that there is actually a convention for Atari Jaguar fans! That convention is known as EJagfest.


The European Atari Jaguar Festival is a noncommercial annual festival for all Atari and retro gaming fans from all over Europe. It was established in the year 2000 and the focus of attention is on Atari and all systems of the cult lable. But we don’t want to miss other retro-systems, as well. The more exotic, the better.


EJagfest recently took place and it was a smash hit for everyone involved. We want to put the word out about this fantastic event and make sure everyone is aware of it, as the next Ejagfest promises to be even bigger!


For example, EJagfest this year had the following events take place…

  • 16 32 bit Systems:
    Nick Harlow, the retailer from UK offered used and new hard- and software for different Atari systems. Due to the fact he closed down his webshop, he offered good clearance prices.
  • DerLuchs (neXGam):
    Showed and sold some of his homebrew games for Jaguar and Vectrex.

    • Ausweichmanöver (Jaguar CD)
    • Absorbierer (Jaguar CD)
    • Arne – Jäger des Jags (Jaguar CD)
    • Brecher (Vectrex)
    • Dead of Knight (Vectrex)
    • Eineiig (Vectrex)
    • Flak (Vectrex)
    • Inkubationszeit (Vectrex)
    • N.E.L.S (Vectrex)
    • Staiga (Vectrex)
    • Vectrexroli – Das Spiel (Vectrex)
    • Der Luchs – Vectrax (Audio)
    • Triac – The Powers of Two (Audio)
    • back to newc45tle – the best is yet to come (Audio)
  • Marco Willig (McWill):
    Showed his VGA-Screen hardware mod for the Atari Lynx and the Sega Game Gear. It improves the screen quality a lot. Further it provides an VGA-Out to play Lynx on external VGA displays and TVs. On Sunday he modified systems on side. This year he also unveiled his new hardware project as a world premiere. It’s a FPGA based Handheld, whis was shown as working prototype.
  • Silvio Laute:
    Showed some exhibits from his collection, some Pong machines like the Atari Pong – C-100, Atari Super Pong – C-140, Atari Super Pong Ten – C-180, Atari C-402 Ultra Pong Doubles, Atari C-380 Video Pinball and the very rare Sears Pinball Breakaway. Further some variants of the only DDR video game console, the Bildschirmspiel 01 (BSS01).
  • TXG_MNX:
    Showed his Jaguar Kiosk. Atari used them to show the Jaguar at trade fairs and in shopping malls in the USA. It is very rare to find in Europe.
  • ST-Computer Magazine:
    The german ST-Computer magazine was there as well. They showed and sold their latest issue of the magazine.
  • Nick Persijn:
    Many remember him from his visit in 2013 when he sold his very good self made rotary controllers. This year he did this as well. On Sunday he also build them on site. Further, with permission of the developers he sold the Duranik Native-Demo and the homebrew game Martian Attack from Tursi on cartridge.
  • Christoph Podlech:
    Showed his „P.I.T.S – Fahrschule for the Atari Lynx“. This is a software that teaches people the rules of the road traffic and it was used in the mid nineties in driving schools.
  • Retrospiel:
    Showed and sold homebrew for different retro-systems.
  • DragonBox Shop:
    The Dragonbox shop presented the „MIST FPGA“ Computer. This device emulates the most known and unknown 8 and 16 BIT computer and consoles. Everyone was able to try this device out at the show.
  • SainT (AtariAge):
    Thanks to SainT. He sends us a Lynx SD card.  Everyone was able to try this device out at the show. It can play lynx games, homebrews and prototypes via SD card on your Lynx.
  • Zone 3 gaming area:
    Thanks to “Zone3” we presented you a gaming area with beanbags for gamers and full of retro-gaming highlights.
  • AtariAge:
    Thanks to the support from AtariAge, they able to show some Atari homebrew highlights in the gaming area.
  • Gameplan:
    The publisher is well known for high quality books about retro video games and home computer in Germany. They offered some of the books at the ejagfest. Beside the german versions of “Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputer, Volkscomputer, Spielemacher and Joysticks” also the rare english version of the “Encyclopedia of Game Machines”.

Further exhibitions:
A transparent Jaguar case was on display. It’s a special edition, which was produced in spring of 2015 with the original Jaguar tooling. This limited run was sold to support the “RVGS” console. The system was later renamed to the “Colecovision Chameleon” and it was planned that they would also use this tooling. After some problems during the production of the console, the project was canceled. What is left, are this nice cases for the Jaguar. For the first time at an Atari event they showed a HotRod. After Atari discontinued the Jaguar, they sold the tooling to a company who made dental cameras. The HotRod was the flagship product of them.


  • European Championship “Checkered Flag” in a 6-player network (Atari Lynx)
  • Fun-Cup “Mario Kart Double Dash” (Gamecube)

That’s the breakdown of EJagfest! It seems like an absolute dream for any Atari fan! If you need to do a hunt for a specific Atari game, you should be able to find it there. Heck, it seems like a nice Retro Gaming event in general really, nothing more than a dream come true from the sounds of everything. 2017 should see EJagfest grow even larger and reach a bigger audience, so keep an eye on this fantastic event!

Click here to check out the main page of EJagfest and support what they are up to! 


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