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Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure Recreated in Halo 5

Sonic Adventure was a milestone movement from SEGA as it saw the blue hedgehog evolve from 2D platforming gameplay to full 3D environments and the first level, known as Emerald Coast, has always stood out to me as one of the best level designs in the game. Well it seems someone also shares my opinion on this as a teamof Halo 5 Forge users have created a Halo 5 Map based upon the Emerald Coast level found within Sonic Adventure.

Forge Mode is an option in Halo 5 that allows dedicated users to create their own levels; a feature which Rooster Teeth have been using to create their Red VS Blue episodes. Well a dedicated team, known as Unfound, have recreated the Emerald Coast map using the Halo 5 Forge mode. In short the entire level has been recreated; additionally in order to give the illusion of speed special ‘speed perks’ have been placed around the map. Those wishing not to use the speed perks can drive around using the various vehicles scattered around the map.

Judging from the gameplay video, seen below, a lot of effort and work has gone into this recreation of a popular level and everyone who owns a copy of Halo 5 for the Xbox One should be able to download the map and play it with their friends; that is if the team have made the map accessible for everyone.

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