Ever Dreamed Of Owning Your Own Arcade? | Funstock.co.uk

Now you can – even if it isn’t technically¬†real, strictly speaking…

After years of enjoying free and unbridled access to a seemingly endless supply of games via emulation, many retro fans are now looking for more personalised ways of cultivating a virtual retro collection. In addition to physical collections enjoying a major renaissance, some interesting ways of presenting ROMs are springing up – enter New Retro Arcade.

New Retro Arcade sets ROM files as cabinets in your own digital arcade – and comes with a lot of neat interactive touches that add life to the environment. Console games are rendered in the consoles themselves – check out the Game Boy at 0:44!

Developers Digital Cybercherries currently have this marked as a tech demo built specifically for Oculus VR – you can download it for free here.

Source: RetroCollect

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