Excited for Sonic Mania? So is the Original Designer of Sonic The Hedgehog!

The Ultimate Seal of Approval

Naoto Ohshima is the man who designed Sonic The Hedgehog back during the days when he was almost called ‘Mr Needlemouse’. He’s a staple figurehead within the Sonic community thanks to his involvement with the birth of the Blue Blur, and although he is no longer with SEGA, he still took time out to give Sonic Mania his blessing.

What is special is what this means. Naoto has not been a part of Sonic Team since his time working on Sonic Adventure and has only been featured in a minor capacity in the Sonic franchise since. Such as being featured on the special thanks section of Sonic Generations, and popping up on the Sonic twitter from time to time. So being a ‘Sonic’ person is no longer his full-time job, and simply comes from a place of passion.

To express his faith in the project, he created a special piece of artwork showcasing his approval of Sonic Mania, as well as a special message to go with it.

Naoto’s message went as follows.

If that isn’t one of the best seals of approval, we don’t know what is. We don’t think anyone is doubting just how amazing Sonic Mania will be when it launches in the coming months!

Sonic Mania will release for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 15th.

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