Experience Pokemon Battles Using Microsoft HoloLens!

Pokemon is an age old classic now. Despite the what seems like a resuse of the same formula with a different package, people love the series. Pokemon Sun and Moon is going to come out soon with plethora of new Pokemon and things you can do from grooming your Pokemon to turning them into rage monsters with new abilities that reference shows like Power Rangers. Let’s not even talk about the craze that is Pokemon GO either! 2016 really has been the year of comebacks for some of the most classic Retro franchises of recent memory. 

The Microsoft Hololens is also an exciting little piece of technology. We’ve reported on it before in regards to someone making 3D Mario games using the technology with impressive results to which you can read about here. It’s shaping up to be a really game changing product in it’s current form, as developers have crafted some wonderful little projects showcasing just what is possible with the HoloLens technology. 

The most recent developer creation? Pokemon Battles in Real Life.


At first glance, some might mistake PokeLens as an official project by Nintendo as the game looks very polished.

Developer KennyWdev has posted a video of the current build of PokeLens. It’s a project that him and his team have been working on for quite a few months now from the looks of things, as some of the test videos have date back to as far back as 8 montths ago now. So it’s clear that a lot of time and passion has been dedicated to the project thus far.

So far the game has not been released to the general public just yet, but it does not look to be too far off in terms of  a proper release. Especially given the time that the project has to be worked on thus far. It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo let this project go ahead as it’s been reported many a time that fangames have been received less than favourably by the big N. Companies like SEGA and Bethesda are known to support the fan efforts of those who support their games, but Nintendo a bit differently for some odd reason.

Regardless, the project looks amazing and is a dream come true for fans of the series and we cannot wait to see what further progress is made with it.


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