Facebook Retro Games! Space Invaders And More On Messenger!

Facebook has taken off quite a bit when it comes to interaction and bringing all sorts of communities together. With 1.7 billion users and 1 billion of those users using the Messenger app to communicate with their friends, it’s clear that Facebook is Now atop of the social media platform as one of the all time rulers. Facebook is doing whatever it can to keep people engaged and using the platform, including introducing Facebook Retro Games!

The latest offering from the big company is Facebook Retro Gaming! What do we mean by that? Classic Retro Games such as Space Invaders, Arkanoid, and more  can now be played through the popular Facebook Messenger application! It’s all thanks to the new ‘Instant Games’ initiative that Facebook is doing. An HTML5 gaming outlet that lets users play all sorts of classic Retro games without downloading anything, it’s all included and ready to go! It’s currently in an open beta phase and has 17 classic and standard games that you can choose from.

With the likes of Pac-Man and Space Invaders on our Messenger, we’ve been playing against each other in the office and it is a blast to try and beat our high scores!

On offer from Facebook and the service are games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, and many more! I never thought I’d end up being able to play Space Invaders through Facebook to challenge the likes of my close friends, family members, and my cat. It’s fun and actually very easy to control each game considering it’s all based on the touch screen of your phone, which we had our reservations about at first. But once we got the games up and running, it was game on! Honestly surprised with how much each classic game managed to keep our attention, and will continue to do for quite some time as we have a daily high score battle!

Now how do you play all of these games you ask? It’s really simple, we’ll run you through it.

1. Open up the Messenger App and choose a friend you want to play the game with. (You can challenge them to beat your high score.)

2. Then click the controller icon that pops up!

3. Scroll down to the bottom to find the newly added Facebook Retro Games!

4. Bam! You’ve found the games! Take your pick and…

5. Play away!


You guys as excited as we are? The ecosystem of Facebook seems to be changing to be more gaming friendly! So to see classic titles like this up and able to launch in an instant to play against our friends is a dream come true! Let us know your thoughts below!


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