Fans Mod Resident Evil HD with Original Audio & Character Models

Ever since the High Definition re-release of the Nintendo Gamecube re-make of the original Resident Evil game fans have been disappointed that neither the original Playstation Dialogue, including the well-known “Jill Sandwhich” joke, or original playstation styled polygons, were included in the game. Well now, thanks to the release of several MOD Packs, fans will be able to play the High Definition variation of Resident Evil in the form they remember.

The first MOD pack, released last month, replaces the audio files from the High Definition variation of Resident Evil with files from the original Playstation version and despite how bizarre it sounds it works exceptionally well.

The second MOD Pack, which was currently in development by ZombieAli, replaces the newer CGI Character models with those inpsired by the original Playstation Classic. Due to graphical differences the character models do not look exactly as they do on the Playstation, or Saturn, versions of Resident Evil; but they do get the job done and add an authentic retro-vibe to a game.

Of course these mod packs are only accessible on the PC version of Resident Evil; and there is no intention for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game to receive the same treatment.

Resident Evil is available to order at