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The Crow: City of Angels – WTF Wednesday

The Crow: City of Angels - It’s hard to recommend this game to fans of the movie... or people in general!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (PSP) – Metacritic, You Got it Wrong!

While it isn’t the most flawless game, Pirates of the Caribbean is more than fun, enjoyable and will easily suck away hours of your life on the PSP!

PIPPO (ZX Spectrum) – You didn’t but it?!

Ostensibly a basic puzzler on its face, PIPPO on ZX Spectrum also combines elements from platforming games to change things up a bit.

NSYNC Get To The Show (GBC) – WTF Wednesday

The worst Game Boy Colour game of all time? The sadness wafting off of this game is only matched by the sheer audacity of the marketing team

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (PSP) – Metacritic, You Got it Wrong!

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects exists as a unique game that came out before the sensation that was the Marvel cinematic universe.

Crystalis (NES) – You didn’t buy it?!

Easily one of the most gorgeous games you will play on Nintendo’s 8-bit system, SNK’s Crystalis was like Zelda on steroids and is remarkable for its depth.

The Top 10 SEGA Saturn Games

While some consider Sega’s Saturn a failure, there is a certain charm in the system’s best games that you won’t find on the PlayStation or Nintendo 64

The Simpsons Wrestling (PS1) – WTF Wednesday

Thankfully, it was the only The Simpsons game released for the PlayStation console.

The King of Fighters ’99: Evolution (Dreamcast) – Metacritic, you got it wrong!

Players that like charm and pizzazz, as well as a deep fighting game, can do little better than The King of Fighters ‘99: Evolution for Sega Dreamcast.

The New Hyperkin SupaBoy SFC is available to pre-order now!

The new Hyperkin SupaBoy SFC is a handheld console packed with features to play your original SNES games on-the-go. See release date, specs & more!

Castlevania: Blood Lines (Mega Drive) – You didn’t buy it!?

When most people think about the Castlevania series on home consoles, thoughts typically turn to the Nintendo Famicom editions, numbered one through three, or for those...

Extreme Paint Brawl (DOS/Windows) – WTF Wednesday

It is baffling to think what exactly one would practice in Extreme Paint Brawl, as there is no gameplay on offer whatsoever. Yet there is a practise mode.

Digimon Digital Card Battle (PS1) – Metacritic, You got it Wrong!

Card games offer some of the rare opportunities for gamers to set aside the moving elements of gameplay and instead focus on the strategy aspect of it all.

Yoshi’s Island – Super Nintendo Saturday

I don’t usually write about the really big games of a system’s catalogue. I prefer to talk about lesser known games, in the hope of educating someone on an...

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon (MS-DOS) – Friday’s Forgotten Few

When every gamer was a pirate back in the late 90s, PC discs with a selection of 10 – 15 games were all the rage. Games were often missing things like cut-scenes...

Secret of Evermore (SNES) – You didn’t buy it?!

Critics were not kind to Secret of Evermore, but the presentation is one of the most colorful and gorgeous you will find on the SNES

Hotel Mario (CDi) – WTF Wednesday

Philips and Nintendo - This partnership produced a string of some of the worst-regarded Nintendo franchise games of all time. Including Hotel Mario!

Kasumi Ninja (Atari Jaguar) – Terrible Tuesday

I have wanted to write about this piece of tripe for a LONG time. I played this Atari Jaguar 'exclusive' over 20 years ago and still the pain remains.